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The air bag sensors are on the frame so they will not be a problem. Mark

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Q: You want to change front bumper to a heavier style do you need to worry about air bag sensors?
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Where are the air bag sensors at in the front bumper of a 2000 Camry?

The sensors are mounted on the inside of the bumper but there can be other locations also. Many cars have the sensors in the dash board.

Where are the front airbag sensors on a 1998 Ford Winstar?

Can't give an exact answer, don't know the car... but usually the front sensors are either in the front bumper, or right in front of the radiator.

How do mechanics replace the front parking sensors on a 2003 e-320 Mercedes Benz sport?

You have to remove the front bumper to gain access to sensors.

Location of the impact sensors on a 2002 dodge caravan?

Under the front bumper.

Where is front air bag sensors for 1996 ford ranger?

Their are two sensors located directly behind the front bumper along side of its mounting brackets.

How do you remove the front bumper of a Vauxhall vectra 2000?

how do i change the front bumper on my 1999 vauxhall vetra

Where are the airbag sensors in a 2003 Toyota solara?

The 2003 Toyota airbag sensors can be found behind the front bumper and inside of each door. There is a total of seven airbag sensors.

Where is the airbag sensor on a 2001 Dodge Grand Caravan?

The impact sensors are under the front bumper.

Where are the air bag sensors located for a 1998 Toyota Camry?

Should be somewhere in the front bumper or behind it.

Where is the 2005 GMC air bag sensors located?

the front impact sensors are between the lower radiator support and front bumber. If equipped with side impact sensors they would be located in the panel the front seatbelt straps pull out from. The rear sensors are located between the rear bumper and rear axle on the frame rail

Will a 98 eclipse front bumper fit a 96 eclipse?

Yes you just have to change the headlights from a 1998 to the 1996 with the bumper change.

How do you disconnect an air bag sensor in a 2001 dodge caravan?

The impact sensors behind and below the front bumper have a red lock tab that needs slid out before the black tab is depressed.The impact sensors behind and below the front bumper have a red lock tab that needs slid out before the black tab is depressed.

How do I change my 1998 Honda Civic's front bumper?

Are there any tricks or possible problems in replacing a front bumper on a 1998 Honda Civic?

Where are the air bag sensors on a Mitsubishi Montero Sport?

There should be 3 air bag sensors in the front. One:Behind the bumper or about six inches above it(passenger side). Two:Below the Mitsubishi "3 Diamond" Logo(inside the grill, in front of the radiator). Three:Behind the bumper or about six inches above it(driver side)

How do you change front bumper on a 2000 Toyota avensis?

no such car

How do you change a front bumper cover on 2001 Escape?

take it off and put the new bumper on replacing all screws nuts and bolts from the first bumper

Where is airbag sensor 1999 montecarlo?

The air bag sensors are located behind the front bumper cover attached to the reinforcement bar.

Where is the location of the right front impact sensor on a 2005 grand caravan?

It is behind the front bumper, and there are two of them, one on the left side and one on the right side. It is easily accessible if you lift your gran caravan and look under both corners of the front bumper. The sensors are attached to the chassis with two screws. Just remember to unplug the negative cable of the battery before doing any work on these sensors.

Where is 2004 gmc air bag sensors located?

The air bag sensors for a 2004 GMC are located on the bottom of the radiator support. They can be accessed by removing the front bumper and looking up under the vehicle.

Would a 1998-01 Acura Integra front bumper fit on a 1997 Acura Integra?

Yes you just need to change the headlights and bumper lights along with the bumper

Where is the horn on a 03 eclipse?

It should be behind the front bumper, in the front part of front left bumper.

Where is the location of the right front impact sensor on a 2002 grand caravan?

The front impact sensors are mounted behind the fog lights. If you do not have fog lights, just look through the fog light position in the front bumper.

How do you change front turn signal bulb on 2006 buick lucerne?

You have to remove the grill, front bumper, and plastic protector under the car. It is a terribly poor design and a nightmare when you have to remove the bumper to replace ANY of the front lights.

Suzuki top mileage?

how to change front bumper in 1996 Suzuki sidekick sport

What tools do you need to change a bumper on a 1995 Lincoln Mark Viii?

Front or back?