You want to get pregnant so how do you do it?


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You have unprotected sexual intercourse and focus in the ovulation days.

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It's an abortion method so not if you want to remain pregnant.

No, its not. If you like your big pregnant belly so much, then just get pregnant again. Your so silly. Nooo!! I don't want to get pregnant again, I just want the belly!!

I want to become pregnant. so pls.. give me advice

because they want a babyOr so they can tell everyone what a stud they are.

Well if you want to get pregnant why would you pull out? Although, with the pull out method, precum will most likely get you pregnant. So you probably will end up becoming pregnant.

Say "I'm pregnant and we are getting a divorce, so whether you want the child or not you will still have to pay childsupport"!!!!!

They want to have a baby, or simply irresponsibility.

i am 17 i want to get pregnant , how many times to have sex to get pregnant

It is possible to have a fake pregnancy, where you want so badly to be pregnant, that your body recreates all the symptoms of pregnancy.

Yes you can as his precum contains sperm and it only takes one sperm to get pregnant. So don't risk it if you don't want to get pregnant.

If you want to find out if you're pregnant or not, you can visit They have a test where you can check if you're pregnant or not online. But to be sure you should visit a doctor so he can tell.

OK, so what do you want to know? I was 16 and pregnant by a 23 year old. I got an abortion, so what is it exactly that you want to know? Do your parents know, how far are you, do you need advice? What do you need to know?

Why do you want to do this if you really want to get pregnant just get pregnant.

You want to have a baby but you think you cant get pregnant

If you are pregnant you won't have it and not sure why you would want to.

The condom catches all of the sperm so it can't get to the Vagina.

Teens cannot get pregnant in the sims 3, because EA does not want to be seen to be encouraging youngsters to get pregnant. 'Teenagers' refers to minors, as well as older teens, so it is best that they do not have the ability to get pregnant.

sometimes, ppl, miss their period, i do sometimes, but I've never been pregnant, so you will probably have it either later that month, or early the next. So don't worry, unless you want to be pregnant...

I want to know how long can be pregnant?

No, Chris Brown does not want to get Rihanna pregnant. They are no longer together.

It's not likely she will want to be touched or handled if she is pregnant.

they dont want to eat maybe that is an affect that means your pregnant They Dont Want To Eat Maybe That Is An Affect That Means Your Pregnant

No, Bella and Edward did not want to get her pregnant. Bella just wanted to have sex because she thought she wouldn't feel the same about Edward when she is a vampire so she wanted to have the last moments be true and real.

Tired! You will want to sleep a lot and it's normal so take naps!

You say "don't want to be".... without saying if you already are pregnant, or if you just wish to avoid becoming pregnant. If you are not pregnant now, and don't wish to become pregnant, then you will either have to refrain from sexual intercourse, or use a reliable method - or combination of methods - of contraception. If you are already pregnant and don't wish to continue to be so, then you will need either the "morning-after" pill (if the time span is correct), or you will need to have an abortion.

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