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i am nine wana get my period very fast how to get i don't tell any thing bad

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What are the chances of getting pregnant by skipping your sugar pills and ot having a period?

Skipping sugar pills to avoid a period reduces, and does not raise, your risk of getting pregnant on the pill.

Is it possible to be pregnant after taking 5 of the sugar pills and haven't gotten a period?

Yes. The birth control pill does not work perfectly, and it's possible to get pregnant even when using it perfectly. However, being five days into the placebo pills and not getting a period doesn't necessarily mean you're pregnant. As long as you followed the program all the other days of the month you should be fine. The sugar pills are just to help you keep on track with your habit of taking the pills.

If I have my period before starting the sugar pills of my Birth Control Pack is it possible for me to get pregnant during this time?

As long as you did not skip any of the "active" pills in the packet, you are protected from pregnancy every day - including the week of your period and while taking the "inactive" sugar pills. Start your new packet on schedule.

Is it possible to get pregnant several days after finishing sugar pills and on new pack of birth control pills but yet no period while on the sugar pills?

If you didn't get your period, you should take a home test or go see a doctor. You may be pregnant. If this is your first month or two on this kind of pill, you may need to go to the doctor and get a new kind. It may not be the correct dose for you.

Why don't I have a period during while taking the sugar pills?

You may not get a period during the placebo week/sugar pills,either because your birth control did not give you a period because of the hormones, or you may be pregnant. Pregnancy typically occurs when you do not get a period. If you do not take your birth control pills everyday at the same time you will increase your chances of becoming pregnant.

Am I pregnant if my period doesn't come on sugar pills?

It is a possibility that you are pregnant if your withdrawal bleed (not a period) doesn't start on your placebo pills. If concerned take a pregnancy test to confirm one way or the other.

Can you get pregnant if you missed a few pills toward the end of your pack before the sugar pills but you have unprotected sex on sugar pills and on your period also been off pill now a month?


Do you start your period immediately when the sugar pills start?

You don't have to, my period comes 2 days into the sugar pills.

Can you get pregnant from skipping your period using Birth Control?

Skipping your period by taking extra birth control pills or fewer placebo (sugar) pills lowers, not raises, your risk of pregnancy.

Are the white pills taken when you have your periods?

no, take it before and you won't have your period the first three rows of pills have hormones in them that will regulate your period..the last row is actually only sugar pills and you are supposed to have your period on those pills. However, you can get pregnant on the pill if not taken exactly how you are supposed to.

Is it normal to start your period on the last two days of the sugar pills and go into the hormone pills?

Hi :-) Yes, this is normal. There is no time limit for when you start your period during the sugar pills. As long as you start your period during the seven day worth of sugar pills then this is normal.

If you miss 3 normal pills after your sugar pills can you get pregnant?

Gosh YES!

Is it normal for you to have a period before the sugar pills?

Yes. The sugar pills do nothing but keep track of your days.

While on birth control pills do you usually start your period by the time you take the sugar pills?

You start your period when on the sugar pills. Your period should start within three days of your first sugar pill - the exact time will differ from woman to woman.

Is it bad to wait a few days to restart birth control after being off it with sugar pills for your period?

Yeah it is.. I've you go on the sugar pills, your on them for 7 days and you will get your period during that time. Once you finish the sugar pills, go straight on to the hormone pills which are after the sugar pills.. If you don't it will count as missed pills, abd will effect the effectiveness of the pill..

Do you always get your period when you're taking your sugar pills?

Yes usaully the 4 days during the sugar pills

When should you expect your next period if you started your pills on the first day of your period and you've used 3 weeks of pills and are currently on the last day of your sugar pills?

You should expect your period to arrive on or before the last day of the sugar pills. But sometimes you can arrive the next week after your sugar pills. It takes a while for BCP to get used to your body. This could be why you havent gotten your period.

Could taking birth control pills and substituting sugar pills with real ones all month round be harmful?

It would be pointless. The sugar pills do not contain anything in them to keep you from getting pregnant. The placebos (or sugar pills) are there as "reminders" to keep you in the habit of taking them and so when you know to start a new pack. The sugar pills are not needed during your period,that's why they are sugar pills. If you take the placebos when you are supposed to be taking the "active" ones, they are inaffective and you might as well not be taking them at all.

If you're on birth control then why would your period start 3 days earlier than the sugar pills?

You may be pregnant, take a test.

Can you still have your period if you do not take the sugar pills?

Yes, you will still have your period if you don't take the sugar pills. The pills have no effect on your cycle. They are like a place holder to keep you in the habbit of taking your pills at the same time every day.

Why dont I get my period when taking the sugar pills?

you prego

Should you get your period the first day of the sugar pills?

Not exactly.. your period can occur as late as the 4th sugar pill

If I stared my sugar pills and it's been 5 days and I still do not have my period does that mean I am pregnant?

Is this your first month on the pills? If so and you had sex, maybe. If this isn't your first month and you took your pills everyday you should be ok. Stress, and other factors will cause a delay in a period starting.

If you get your period early on in the cycle should you skip right to the sugar pills?

Hi, No never skip to sugar pills when this happens or it will throw your cycle off completely. Continue to take the pills as prescribed. So take the active pills and then the sugar pills when it is time.

If you start taking birth control pills and then have your period while still on the active pills then have unprotected sex on the sugar pills could you get pregnant?

Not if you took your pills like you should have. The pills between the end of the 28 days of pills and the start of the new ones are just to keep you on track. After years on the pills I finally quit doing that.

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