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Look in the yellow pages under "Transmission Parts". Go to them and buy the proper cooler. They will show you the proper way to install the cooler. Do NOT use an auto parts store. (The top line is from the trans. to the rad., the bottom line is the return. Fluid flows downward in the radiator.)

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โˆ™ 2006-04-19 04:49:52
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Q: You want to install a transmission cooler on a 2000 gmc sonoma v6 automatic and want to know which trans line is the in and which is the out at the radiator?
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How is there transmission fluid in your radiator?

The automatic transmission oil cooler is built into the radiator. If the oil cooler developes a leak the oil mixes with the engine coolant.

Where is the transmission cooler line on a 1988 Honda Prelude?

If it is a manual transmission you do not have transmission cooler lines. If its an automatic they will be on one side of the radiator and you can follow them to the tranny from there.

Does 2003 Ford F-250 come factory with transmission cooler?

If its an automatic transmission then yes, it does but it might not be enough. If the vehicle doesn't have a factory tow package, it might not have an auxiliary cooler. Those that don't, the transmission cooler is basically your engine radiator. The lines from the transmission go to the radiator. If this is the case, you really should get a separate cooler. Keeping the temp down on an automatic transmission is key to its life.

Does the 2007 Nissan Frontier have a transmission cooler?

Automatic transmission models have a cooler located in front of the radiator. You can see it through the grill. It even has a secondary fan.

How does an automatic transmission cool?

Most have a cooler, like a small radiator. in fact that's usually where it is.

Two names for the part of the radiator that automatic transmission fluid flows through are the transmission oil cooler and the heat?


Why would a transmission leak be towards the left front wheel on 1992 explorer?

On the automatic transmission there are lines from the transmission to the transmission cooler that connect to the radiator

How do you know if a radiator has a auxiliary transmission oil cooler on it?

If there are lines coming from the transmission to the radiator, it has a cooler in the radiator. If there are lines from the transmission to an external heat exchanger, that would be an auxiliary cooler.

What causes oil in the radiator?

hi, blown head gasket, cracked head or block or automatic transmission oil cooler in radiator leaking

What lines are coming off automatic transmission?

Pressure and return lines that goto radiator and or transmission cooler to keep the ATF chilled off.

Will a radiator for an automatic transmission work on a vehicle with manual transmission?

Generally no because the one for the automatic has a trans cooler built into it. I would have to disagree as long as everything is the same the radiator will work. And you do not have to plug up the transmission fittings on the radiator because it is just an in and an out. If you hook nothing to it, nothing will come out the other side.

What would cause oil in the radiator coolant?

blown head gasket....not good. Could b Transmission fluid because the transmission cooler is in the radiator-especially IF the water has a red tint 2 it,IF it has a automatic transmission.

Do you remove the transmission cooler lines to take a radiator out of a 1995 Pontiac grand am?

yes, anytime you have to take a radiator out of an automatic car the tranny lines have to come off the radiator.

How do you change the radiator in a 1996 Chevrolet Chevelle?

Drain the radiator. Remove all of the hoses. Remove the transmission cooler lines if equipped with an automatic transmission. Remove the fan shroud. Remove the bolts that hold the top radiator support in place. Lift the radiator out.

What is the cause of a 1997 dodge caravan 2wheel drive 3 speed 2.4 motor to suck antifreeze into the transmission?

Failed transmission oil cooler, which is part of the radiator.Failed transmission oil cooler, which is part of the radiator.

Where is transmission cooler on 1988 mark vii?

the cooler is part of the radiator.

Does a 2002 caravan need a transmission cooler or is the one behind the main rad the tranny cooler?

There should be a Transmission cooler in the radiator, There might also be a 2nd one in front of the radiator!

Where is transmission cooler on 2007 ford f150?

A transmission cooler is usually mounted just in front of the radiator.

What is it in front of the radiator that causes transmission fluid to leak?

transmission cooler

What is the name of the hose that goes from the radiator to the transmission on a 93 buick skylark custom?

It is the transmission cooler hose or line. It runs the fluid through a cooler on the radiator to cool the transmission fluid.

Why does radiator leaks transmission fluid?

Some have an internal transmission cooler & extra small internal radiator for that purpose.

Where can oil be getting into radiator other than head gaskets on 92 Camry v6?

It can be getting there through the head gasket, a crack in the head, or it may actually be transmission fluid if it has an automatic transmission. The automatic trans. cooler lines run through the radiator on most vehicles. If your unable to solve the problem, have the radiator pressure tested...

Is the Grand Caravan radiator and transmission fluid cooler the same unit?

Transmission cooler is a separate tank area attached to the lower or side of radiator (one unit)

How would tranny oil get into your radiator?

Many automatic transmissions use a cooler inside the vehicles radiator to help maintain the transmissions temperature. The transmission pumps ATF thru the cooler. If a leak occurs in the trans cooler the ATF is pumped into the radiators coolant. The engine coolant can also mix with the trans ATF and enter the transmission the same way in which case would be fatal for the transmission.

What is the name of the small radiator that has a flo of transmission oil in it?

transmission oil cooler