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The best thing to do is to have him become legal. If you marry him while he is still illegal and the INS finds out he will be deported and he will have a ban from entering the US for 10 years. So have him become legall.

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How long do you have to stay in Mexico to marry a illegal?

5 years 5 years

Is it illegal to marry someone 5 years younger than you?


Is 10 years to long to wait for my boyfriend to marry me?

No not really why?. but 20 years is longer than 10 years

MY friend has a daughter of 17 who has an illegal boyfriend who have been together for 3 years and wish to marry but every state asks for s.s now that the laws have changed what can they do?

i guess wita till she is 18.

Can you marry an illegal alien in the state of Illinois?

Of course you can marry!! But then your marriage cannot be legalized as your spouse/fiance is on an illegal status. Even if you try to legalize the status, it is not a surety. Based on the number of years of illegal stay in the US, that person may receive a bar for applying visa and deported back to his/her home country. If it is a lot of years, then he/she may not be able to apply for any visa for anytime in the future. So what is the point in marrying and staying apart?

If you're 14 years old and have a baby can you move in with your boyfriend?

NO, it is illegal everywhere.

Your boyfriend after 4 years wont marry you what should you do?

nothing, its his choice. if your that desperate to marry him try proposing on feb 29th. you cant force a guy to marry you!

You have been with your boyfriend for 5 years when should he marry you?

Whenever he wants to, or maybe you can discuss it.

Why doesn't your boyfriend of 2 years want to marry you?

because I knew him very well

Who is the youngest person to give birth in Illinois?

The youngest person to give birth in Illinois is Jane marry which is 3 1/2 years old.

If i am 16 years old and illegal can i marry a 22 yaerold citizen?

Yes, it is illegal for a 22-year-old to marry a 16-year-old, even if they have consent. You will have to wait until you are 18 and legal.

Your boyfriend of 5 years is illegal and you have 3 kids together and are to marry in March and want to go to Mexico in July will he be able to come back to the US with you?

You have to have a US passport now to get in and out of the country and he needs to be legal to be in the US to get a passport.

Can a 11 years old get marry?

No. A 11 year old is still a child and a minor. It is illegal.

Can you be charged for marrying an illegal alien?

If you marry someone from another country, they are no longer illegal, but a resident alien. The above response does not answer the question. If you marry an illegal person in the U.S. it is not that simple. The government may require that person to leave the county up to 3 years.

How do you marry your Brazilian girlfriend if she is illegal?

Answer: If she have lived there in menny years then she can take a test to become legal. If not then you need to move to Brazil with her, marry and live there. I think..

Is it illegal to send a nude photo to girlfriends new boyfriend?

is it illegal to send explicite nude photos to a girl friend of five years to the philippines

If your boyfriend of two years asked you when you were going to marry him was he proposing or are you mistaken?

I'd get out a calendar and set a date!

If you marry a foreigner to keep her in the country when can there be a divorce?

If you marry a foreigner strictly for the purpose of getting her citizenship, that is illegal. I believe immigration requires a marriage of 6 years.

What should you do if your boyfriend of two years and you talk about marriage all the time and he says he wants to marry you but has yet to propose?

maby you should ask him to marry you first.

What is the illegal dating ages in Illinois?

There are no laws about dating in the US and most countries. However, there are laws about sexual contact. The age of consent is 16 years of age in Illinois.

If you are 14 years old and your boyfriend 18 is that bad?

no it isnt In some areas, if sexual relations are an issue, it can be illegal.

Can a legal alien marry and illegal alien in the US?

not really because the illegal alien must have to go through "naturalization" and must wait a few years while living in the united states like 7 years.

My boyfriend has been here for over ten years illegally I want to marry him how can I?

Go to the court house and get a marriage license.

Your boyfriend has been in the us before 6 years ago without papers you want to marry him when he comes back with a visa can you?

If your boyfriend comes back with a Visa, you are able to marry him in the United States. You will need to get an immigration Visa rather than a tourist Visa.

Your boyfriend is from Spain and was refused entry into the US because he overstayed 3 years he has 212A9BIIon his passport does that qualify him for a 212 waiver or is better to marry him in Spain?

you can marry him in Spain or in the US then he can be in America