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You want to purchase a home and have 6 months left on your lease will you be liable?

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Depends upon the Language of the Lease. You have a lease, I'm assuming. You can figure, generally speaking that you will be Liable.. Sorry

2006-07-29 02:21:37
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What exactly does homes for lease mean?

Leasing a home is similar to renting a home. You will pay rent to the owner with a contract. However with a lease you are often required to rent the place for at least a certain amount of time. If you move out before then, you may be held liable for the remaining months of your lease.

A lease to own house purchase also rent to own purchase or lease purchase is a lease combined with an option to purchase the property is that true?

A lease purchase is a method of buying a home by way of a rental or lease agreement that includes a clause (option) allowing the renter/lessee to purchase the home within a specific time frame. Sometimes called an option or a rent to own purchase, this home-buying method is similar in concept to renting to own a property, only the financing of the property is generally transferred from the seller to a lender once the renter/lessee exercises the option to purchase the property. Lease purchases are popular amongst homebuyers with poor credit, who cannot get financing, and are often used as a means to secure a home at a set price while repairing credit issues in preparation for bank financing. These instructions will guide you through the process of a lease purchase.

Can you break your lease if your landlord refuses to fix things?

Yes, you can break your lease if your landlord refuses to fix things, as long as this is specified in the lease. Your landlord is liable for keeping the home in working order and safe. Contact an attorney to help you with the lease.

Can you break your lease if you purchase a home?

No, purchasing a home is not sufficient reason to break your lease for a rented dwelling. However, you may want to talk to your landlord and see if he/she will release you from the remainder of your lease. Sometimes this involves paying all or a portion of the rent due from the remaining terms of the lease.

Can you break a lease if you buy a home?

No, You are still under contract with your landlord and are held liable for it. Your record could be tarnished if eviction proceedings are held, which may hurt you in getting a loan for your new home.

What is expected if a landlord sells home and asks tenants to leave 3 months before lease ends?

In most states the landlord has to honor the terms of the lease until that lease ends, even if he plans to sell property.

Can you get out of your lease if you lost your home to a hurricane and moved into an apartment but now have been offered a low interest loan through a relief program to purchase a home?

yes you can all you have to do is show them your purchase agrement when you buy

What is the best way to find a house with a lease to purchase option?

Often, you can ask the owner of a home you are interested in purchasing if a lease is an option. If the owner is interested in leasing the home, you should have a real estate professional draw up the contract.

How much do you put down on a lease to buy a home?

A lease does not buy a home.

If you want to buy a home but the property you want is tenanted out for another 10 months can you break this lease if you choose to?

Yes, maybe and no. Truly depends on how the lease is written. The leasors could be a pain and fight you and in the meantime while you are filling your notice to evict and being granted (depending on the state could be days or months) they could be trashing your property. Most of the times given a 60-90 day notice and receiving any secruity deposits back they will move on. Remember the old owner could have 0 to a couple months rent in secruity. The old owner could also be held liable for you evicting them. It depends on the lease. Hope this helps

Can you lease purchase a home without co-buyers consent?

No. To execute a valid contract it needs to be signed by all the owners.

Where can I find a company that allows a home lease agreement for a low closing rates?

A lease is a document that details a rental agreement for a property, whether that is a house, apartment, condo, office space, etc. Closing costs do not apply to a lease. Closing costs are the fees associated with the purchase of a home through a mortgage lender. A lease-purchase agreement might be set up with arrangements for closing costs. Closing costs are specific fees for specific services that are detailed at closing by the lender. It is not a "rate."

For a reverse mortgage how long do you have to own home?

You can purchase a home with a reverse mortgage from the get go, or wait 3 months after the purchase to handle it as a refinance. Some lenders try to make you wait a year, however FHA's requirement is 3 months once you have purchased the home.

If you have signed a lease for next year and it has not started yet will you be held accountable if you break it to purchase a new home?

It really depends on your lease, though in general there is some sort of forfeiture. Consult your lease -- usually these things are spelled out. If not, ask an attorney about the laws in your particular state.

What are the requirements to rent a home?

The requirements to rent a home are: first and last months rent, a security deposit, a job, references, good credit rating and a signed lease agreement.

How do you get out of a rental lease?

Is your home in great order and shape? Is your landlord fulfiling his end of the agreement? If you can say YES to either or both questions you might be able to break the lease by means of constructive eviction. If the answers are NO, then you can't break out of a lease, or if you do, you suffer the consequences: your landlord can keep the security deposit and you may be liable for the rent of the unit for each month it's vacant during the time of your lease or until the unit is rented out.

How do you lease a home to buy?

you put up a sign that says "for lease"

Can you ask 10000 down on a bond for deed home purchase?

yes, you can,, but you would be better off selling the home as a lease purchase option, and sell the purchase option/right to buy the home at a future date for 10,000.00 , but have a separate lease... if this contract is veiwed as a mortgag you may have a hard time getting rid of the people living in your home. you can also word your rent contract where it says that a certain part of the rent can go toward the purchase price when the rentors/buyers are able to purchas the home, but if they are not able to buy withen say a year or two they lose the rent credit. i also wouldn't let the lease be for more than 5 years because in a court case it might be determined that the leesors have an equity claim.

What is a leased to own a home?

"Lease to own", Is when you lease a house with the intention to buy it for a discounted price after the lease is over.

In Arkansas what are the rules governing the owner of a home showing it to potential buyers before the lease is up. There are 5 months remaining in the lease. The resident was only give a 12 hr notice?

Check the language in your lease to see if showing the home is permissible and how much notice must be given. If that issue is not addressed in your lease then check with your town offices to see if there is a tenant/landlord complaint office where you could obtain information.

What information would be needed to rent to lease a home?

As a family looking for a new home, rent to lease provides an opportunity to perhaps invest in a home without actually having a mortgage loan. The homeowner would require the same information as renting, i.e. references, social security number, and monetary security to start the transaction. Once the lease has been signed, a portion of the rental payment can be applied to the purchase price of the house so when the rentor is ready, the lease can be converted into a mortgage.

Can you break an apartment lease when buying a house in the state of Florida?

Breaking a lease is, breaking a lease regardless of reason. Buying a home has nothing to do with renting the one you are in now. And if you do break a lease, according to your lease terms, your landlord could sue you for loss of revenue during the time the rental home is vacant and up to the time your lease would normally expire. There are certain exceptions to the rule of breaking a lease, but buying a home is not one of them.

If your boyfriend is serving sentence at home with you are you liable for him?

No - he is liable for himself and must report periodically to a probation officer.

How can I break my Texas rental home lease legally?

Each lease is different but they all contain an out clause for both parties,review your lease.

How can I start a small business on a lease?

There are no secrets to starting a small business on a lease. You will simply have to put collateral against the lease, such as a car or home.