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He will be required to pay tax on a fair market value if it is a gift. Another option might be to "sell" it to him for a significant amount below market value and carry back a note. The note might not have any payment schedule, or you could even state that you have received regular payments. There are always options, so it would be best to talk to either a tax attorney or a good tax accountant who regularly deals with living trusts and other such mechanisms.

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Q: You want to quit claim deed property held in a living trust to your son for love and affection no money Will he be responsible to the IRS for inheritance tax?
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Can you receive a partial inheritance before death of parent?

No. You have no rights in a parent's property while they are living. An inheritance comes from the property a decedent owns at the time of death. Death makes that property 'inheritable'. There is no such thing as an inheritance from a living person.

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When is an inheritance turned over to the state?

An inheritance 'escheats' to the state after the probate process has been completed if no living heirs of the decedent can be found. If an heir shows up later and can prove their kinship, they can make a claim for the property.

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Can an estranged executor evict an heir in Surrogates Court?

The executor is responsible for the estate and its assets. They can evict people living on the property.

If your house in british Columbia is in your name and your sons name who does not live in the house will he have to pay any taxes when it's sold after you die?

If he inherits your share of the property, he will be responsible for inheritance taxes, in any province of Canada. I dont think he will pay inheritance tax, because his name is on the house title with mine. He is not living with me, so wondering when he sells my place in the case of my death, will he have to pay Capital Gains Tax, or maybe nothing at all ??

Who takes over lawn care after you file bankruptcy on your house?

As long as you are living on the property and trying to save the home, you are responsible to maintain the lawn. If the bank takes possession , then a property management company will be brought in to take care of the property.

Who pays the property taxes on heir property when one of the heirs are living at the property?

The decedent's estate must be probated in order for legal ownership to pass to the heirs. The legal owners are responsible for paying the taxes. If one heir is living on the premises they should all make up an agreement in writing as to who will pay the expenses.

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Are grandsons are eligible for share of property of grandfather?

Certainly, especially if the grandfather has no living children at the time of his death, or if his will leaves something to the grandson. If there is no will, and there are living children, whether the grandson would get anything depends on the inheritance laws of the locality where the grandfather was a resident at the time of his death.

In the state of Oregon do I have to pay for my deceased step-grandpa's assisted living home past due rent there is no money property or will I did have POA but I was never finacially responsible 4 him?

You are not responsible for any debt from your late step-grandpa.

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Do you pay taxes on a trust inheritance?

Depending on where someone lives depends on the need to pay taxes on any inheritance they get from a living trust. The beneficiary of an estate from inheritance will need to pay taxes to take possession of assets.

Does one have to pay inheritance taxes with a living will?

Yes, you need to pay tax on any and all income you receive, including any inheritance gained via a living will. Please consult an accountant if you have any questions about taxes.

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What rights do you have to your deceased grandma's property?

If all her children are still living you have no rights in her property unless she left a share to you in her Will.If all her children are still living you have no rights in her property unless she left a share to you in her Will.If all her children are still living you have no rights in her property unless she left a share to you in her Will.If all her children are still living you have no rights in her property unless she left a share to you in her Will.

If you die in Tennessee with credit card debt in your name will your spouse be obligated to repay the debt?

No, Tennessee is not a community property state. Married couples living in non community property states are not responsible for debts incurred solely by either spouse.

What can you do if a property manager is hindering you selling your home?

Look at your agreement with the property manager and see what your agreement is. Probably they are not responsible for making the key available, keeping the house clean and so on. It is difficult to control what the house is like when someone else is living there.

If one spouse has credit cards in her name only and can't pay them off is the other spouse responsible?

If a married couple reside in a community property state both persons are generally held equally responsible for all debts incurred during the marriage regardless of which spouse incurred the debt. Married couples living in states that are not designated as community property are not responsible for each other's debts, although jointly owned marital property (bank accounts, real property) can sometimes be attached by creditors when only one spouse is the debtor.

When a wife receives an inheritance is the husband entitled to half?

No. In the Western world women are allowed to own and possess their own property free of their husband's interference while she is living or they are married. Upon her death or their divorce, there may be a division of assets.

Can an executor of a will charge rent utilities and sewerage and taxes?

Yes, the executor can charge some living on the estate property rent and utilities. They are responsible for the assets, which includes the property and any income it can generate. The assets will then be used to settle debts and be distributed according to the will.

What are the Statute of limitations for claiming an inheritance in California?

I had family friend in philippines need help to claim is inheritance in california need to know what is statue of limitation ( living trust )

Life estate Mothers real property lives there has 2 children deeded half ea. Who has to pay the property taxes while mother is alive and living in the house Could she have reversed the Life Estate?

who evers name is on the deed is legally responsible