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Run two nuts onto the studs backward to hold it in place. Make sure that the pistons are fully returned. you can use a c-clamp or large channel locks to accomplish this. Use the old pads as a surface to press against. You should have machined or replaced the rotors or you get some regrets. I would also replace the caliper pins on this car as the almost are always pretty poor at brake job time. Use high temperature caliper grease to coat any surfaces that come in contact with each other, except the pad to rotor surface of course. You should alse clean and adjust the rear brakes to distribute braking ability more evenly, this will extend the life of the front brakes and give you better stopping power.

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Q: You want to replace the front disc pads on your 1995 Ford Escort Wagon 19 L how do you adjust the position of the rotor so that the new and unworn pad can be slid in on the outside of the rotor?
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