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Depends on what the engine will be used for.To save money, go hyper if it's for a daily driver with little or no abuse.If it's for a full-on competition vehicle with over 600 H.P.,Go forged.You also want forged connecting rods and crankshaft.

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Q: You want to run 10.51 compression in a 350 so should you go for hypernumatic or forged pistons?
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What are the symptoms of bad pistons in a Chevy 350?

If the pistons are bad it should be smoking a bright blue color out of the exhaust. Are if a piston skirt is broken it should be knocking all the time. If there is a whole burnt in the piston you will not have any compression on that cylinder. Most of the time pistons just don't go bad.

How much compression should you get out of a 95 350 freshly rebuilt bored 30 over?

I did my chev 350 and I got 150 psi before running the motor.ANOTHER OPINIONThere are a number of factors that will determine the compression of a new engine. First, the rings aren't sealed yet so you may or may not have good compression based on that.Second, what's your altitude? When you check the compression at low altitude it will be noticeably different than at higher altitude.Third, how are you "cranking" the engine? if you're just using the starter, you may not get a lot of compression because of the low cranking speed.Fourth, what lubricants did you use for assembly? If friction is a little high, again, you won't be able to crank the engine very fast.Another variable will be the pistons; if you've used high compression pistons the compression will be up. If you've used traditional pistons... not so much.Another OpinionYou should get at least 175 psi to 188 psi

What causes pistons to loose compression?

Friction, over time. To expand on this, a compression test of a cylinder of a 4 stroke engine (an engine with intake and exhaust values) may lose compression due to worn piston rings caused by friction (and/or) values that do not seat properly. When the piston comes up on the compression stroke both valves should be seated tightly in their respected valve 'seats' to maximize the compression. The loss of compression may be due any or all of these parts.

How do you reduce compression of a small engine?

To reduce compression in an internal combustion engine you should change the standard pistons for a more flatter piston, which will increase the combustion chamber size, some people also change the standard head gasket for a slightly thicker one.

Can you put a turbo charger or a super charger on a 1993 ford ranger?

Sure but it won't last long stock. If you want to have forced induction you should rebuild the engine with a forged crankshaft, connecting rods, pistons, etc.

1986 Chevy 350 320 horsepower 9.2 compression mild cam flat top pistons edelbrock dual plane and quadrajet automatic trans what should the timing be set at?

32-34 degrees

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what should the compression be on a 2007 ezgo golf cart

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Is it a good idea to put a turbo on a 1998 dodge neon with 222 k miles on the engine?

To spend that money on a turbo kit on a high mileage engine wouldn't be cost effective/recommended. You should rebuild it and install turbo pistons, forged rods and then you could take advantage of the turbo.

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How long would a forged steel crankshaft last?

A forged steel crankshaft? That should out last all the other components in the engine it so long as you keep up maintenance.

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