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You main HD needs to be set as Master on IDE 1, your CD Rom needs to be set as cable select or Master on IDE 2. And your second drive needs to be set as slave on either the IDE 1 or 2. Enter the bios and see if the drives have been found. Dont change anything, then save and exit.

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Q: You want to set up two hard drives so they both work on your PC And so you can access both with Win XP is this possible?
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both of them are random access memories

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When referred to hard drives access time is measured in?


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They both... used as storage

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the hard drives can be switched and what ever was on them will stay on them.

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both are good brands. but western digital is the best.

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This simply isn't possible. Hard drives and floppy drives work in very different ways.

Why cannot you access your c and d drive?

If you in windows NT based system, it's possible. Start->My Computer->Tools->Folder options->View, uncheck Use simple file sharing. Then right click on any of your hard drives->Security. In Security you can pick users who will be able to get access for your hard drives locally and through network.

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Coded access to IT facilities at all times

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Hard drives in external disk drives are simply standard drives so it is possible to unscew them and put them in a pc. However it would be easier to buy a standard internal drive and copy the data across

Are the hard drives for laptops the same for Desktop computers?

Laptop hard drives are very similar to desktop hard drives, indeed they work in exactly the same way and even use the same interfaces. However laptop hard drives are designed to be much smaller (2 inches as opposed to 3.5) and draw less power than desktop hard drives. As a result laptop hard drives are usually much slower in terms of data transfer and have much smaller storage capacity than a desktop hard drive of the same year manufacture. With an adapter it is possible to use a laptop hard drive in a desktop computer, and if mounted externally it is also possible to use a desktop hard drive on a laptop.

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Is it possible to put the disk drive from a dell laptop into a ibook?

There's no way you can install the CD / DVD drive from a Dell laptop in an iBook. The hard drive should be possible, as long as they are both IDE drives.

Two data transfer modes used by hard drives?

Two data transfer modes used by hard drives are UDMA and PIO. UDMA is more popular and stands for Ultra Direct Memory Access.

When referring to hard drives seek time and latency are two factors that make up?

access time

When reffering to hard drives seek time and latency are two factors that make up?

access time =)