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You want to store your marine battery in the house for the winter do you have to place it on a wooden platform or can you just put it on the concrete floor?


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October 01, 2009 4:49PM

Battery Storage - On Concrete or Not?

I have been hearing this argument for over 60 years, and have never seen a legitimate, professional answer.

As a result, I have tried it both ways, and have come to my own conclusions:

  • First, a worn out battery or one in bad condition will usually fail during storage regardless of whether on concrete or not.
  • Short term storage [a few days to a week or two] on a concrete slab does not adversely effect an auto battery, IF it is not properly charged when placed storage.
  • Even short term storage of a battery on concrete, IF NOT fully charged will result in the battery rapidly loosing all charge. If only for a few days, the battery can successfully be recharged. If for a longer period, it may never accept and hold a charge again.
  • Even on concrete for long periods, IF a battery is fully charged when stored, AND KEPT on a "trickle" charger at all times, the battery will last for months, or even years.

The system I have adopted after years of personal experience is to:

  • Fully charge the battery before storage.
  • Place the battery on 2x4 blocks.
  • Keep the battery on a good trickle charger.

This has worked well for me. Good luck.