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that means you cant see it

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Q: You wanted to see a hi5 but you dont have an account with hi5?
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Why does hi5 deactivate accounts?

Hi5 is a very big organisation and there is need for discipline. You can't do vulgar things on Hi5 therefore if in your photos you put porn and the board of hi5 gets to know then your account is deactivated and mind me there are a lot of these people. we created hi5 for fun but we end losing all the fun because of vulgarity. Also vulgar language is not allowed on hi5 although accounts don't get deactivated so quickly but if a person is constantly talking vulgarly then his account gets deactivated. I you want to know more see the terms and conditions on hi5. I hope i have clearly answered your question.

Does the Meez Toolbar give you coins?

I have install the hi5 toolbar do I get coins, and when. They say if you use the toolbar the whole week you receive coins by hi5. Where can I see that I have got the coins by using the hi5 toolbar?

How do you center your hi5 profile?

Follow these steps to install your tweak. # Log in to your HI5 account. # Click the "Edit Profile" link. # Copy and Paste the code below to the top of your "About Me" section. # Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on "Save "# Now your finished! Click the "My Profile" link to see your changes. td{text-align:center}

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How do you see who saw your HI5 profile?

You should have profile view on the left panel of your profile, just below picture. Click on it and you should see who viewed.

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What is a bad thing that can happen to you when you are on hi5?

People can track you down on your computer and kidnap you and it's the same for myspace and the people who made those website can see what ever you do on it. So if your a parent reading this DON'T LET YOUR CHILD MAKE AN ACCOUNT PLZ THANK YOU!!!!!

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