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you can find an evee on the top floor of the building where the old lady gives you the tea

Where the building is where you get the Tea from the women you have to go behind the Pokemon center of Celadon City and enter the building through the back go all the way up and you will find the evee by the karote guy on the table Evee will be at level 25 go get em.


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Q: You went to lavender town and did not find evee where is evee in leafgreen?
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How do you change a nickname in LeafGreen Pokemon?

Visit Lavender town, you will find in the most southern house

Where do you find MRFugi on Pokemon LeafGreen?

He is on Pokemon Tower..after you rescue him, he stays in his home in lavender town.Lavendar town/tower

Where is the Pokemon tower in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Lavender Town.

Where is the name changer in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Lavender Town

Where do you find Mr Fuji in pokemon leafgreen?

Mr. Fuji is at the top tower in the Lavender Town Tower.

Where do you rename your Pokemon in Pokemon LeafGreen version?

lavender town

Were is the nickname guy in LeafGreen?

lavender town check

In Pokemon LeafGreen where is the name changer?

He's in Lavender Town.

Where is the location of haunter in leafgreen?

in the Pokemon tower in lavender town

Where is team rocket in lavender town in Pokemon LeafGreen?


Where is the person that renames your Pokemon in Pokemon leafgreen version?

lavender town.

How do you get to lavender town in leafgreen?

You just go through Rock Tunnel

What route on Pokemon LeafGreen is Cubone on?

In Pokemon Tower in Lavender town

Where do you find the flute in Pokemon LeafGreen?

rescue Mr. Fuji from the ghost tower in lavender town (sorry for spelling errors)

Where is the ghost tower in Pokemon LeafGreen version?

Lavender Town hope this helped

Where do you catch murkrow in Pokemon LeafGreen?

in lavender town where the towers at with ghost dbzpokeyu

How do you get to lavender town in Pokemon LeafGreen Pokemon?

Take tha rock tunnel

What big tower in lavender town?

Lavender town is in Pokemon red, blue, yellow, firered leafgreen. NOT GOLD. also the tower in LAVENDER IS POKEMON TOWER. Defeat it to get pokeflute to get past snorlax

Weres radio tower in lavender town?

If you are talking about firered and leafgreen there is no radio tower in lavender town there is a kinda graveyard tower for passed on Pokemon though

Where is the Pokemon tower in leafgreen?

the Pokemon tower, if you mean the graveyard for Pokemon, is in Lavender town

How do you get in to to radio tower in lavender town?

there isn't a radio tower in firered and leafgreen, but in gold, silver, crystal, heartgold and soulsilver its in lavender town. You need to go through rock tunnel to get to lavender town. You wil need flash to get through rock tunnel

Where is route 8 on Pokemon LeafGreen version?

Its right between Saffron city and Lavender town.

How do you get to lavender town on Pokemon LeafGreen?

well first you need flash and you go to the rock tunnel and use flash and after you make it through the rock tunnel then you walk down the path and then you are in lavender town!

Where to catch fire Pokemon in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Vulpix on route 6 just beside Lavender Town.

Where do you trade haunter in Pokemon LeafGreen?

You can just go to the Pokemon tower in lavender town and catch one...