You went to pee and this thing came out of you and it was in a sack looking thing and black inside?

Well first of all are you pregnant? I was pregnant and started bleeding around 6 weeks. I went to the ER and was told I had a complete miscarriage, meaning nothing showed up in my uterus eventhough my blood levels did show I was pregnant. I went home and the next morning a big black blob/sack (sorry TMI) came out and I figured it was actually a placenta or something. During my follow up appt at my obgyn she told me I wasnt far along enough for a placenta to be formed as big as I described. She said it was the uterine lining coming out after my body had no pregnancy to support. It turned out I had an ectopic pregnancy and needed a type of chemo to prevent tubal rupture. I would go to the Dr to get checked because if you dont and you do have an ectopic pregnancy you could ruin your chances of ever getting pregnant again or worst case your tube could rupter and you could go into shock and die. Good luck