You went to the hospital because you were having contractions and only dialated half a cm what can i do to dialate?

As uninviting as it may sound have sex, the semen contains prostaglandin hormone which with a ripe cervix will stimulate your contractions to start. Move around as much as you feel comfortable with - the pressure of your baby on your cervix will stimulate contractions which in turn will eventually open the cervix more. Don't despair! Your contractions are probably effacing your cervix, which mean it is being thinned out and pulled upwards. This is an important part of the work your body needs to do to have your baby. Sometimes, you can move unexpectedly quickly through the stages and dilation - I can't guarantee that though! So, if you don't feel up to walking or similar, choose positions that are more upright. And not being anxious about progress will actually help things move along.