You were 3 months when exposed indirectly to x rays when your son was getting x rays on leg will this be harmful for your pregnancy?

If it was an indirect exposer like that then chances are your baby will be fine.
I checked an article titled "Experts: Some X-ray exposure may not harm fetus"
It basically said that even if you yourself was being X-rayed that there was often no harm that is done, and that many patients, and even some doctors have greatly exagerated the risks of X-ray exposer. X-rays to certain areas of the body, or done in different ways, of course can be harmful to different degrees. The Trimester you are in is also an important factor. 1st trimesters are at the most risk because the fetus is still being formed and more sensitive. 2nd-(which I think is what you are in if you are 3 months) is much less risk, but there is still some. 3rd is basically the same as if you or me got too much radiation-it might cause cancer later in life but shouldn't effect the babies development. The article stated that for many kinds of X-rays, that the mother can get, there is much less of a risk than most people think. Being the fact that you yourself where not x-rayed, but was simply indirectly exposed (I imagine you mean you were in the same room when it happened?) Its a safe bet that you have nothing to worry about. Now if on the other hand by (indirect exposer) you meant you were accidently stuck in a room for 45 minutes while emergency techs were desperately trying to open the door - with an X-ray machine that had gone bonkers as it irradiated everything in sight.....well then perhaps you should worry, otherwise anything short of an experience similar to what Spock went through at the end of Wrath of Khan,(sorry about the geeky reference lol) I think you and your baby should be just fine!