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Yes you can, but it is a little harder to catch them. File in your state and have them served to appear in court. It is always best to consult an attorney for the best advice.

2006-08-08 19:50:08
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What are the rights of a cosigner?

A cosigner is a person who signs with another person for a loan of some sort due to credit issues or financial reasons. A cosigner unfortunately does not have as many rights as the person who is first listed on a loan. For example, if you purchase a car and your boyfriend/girlfriend cosigns for you and you two break up, they cannot take the car away from you. However, if you are late on payments, the cosigner will then be responsible for the payments.

What responsibility does a cosigner on an apartment lease have?

a cosigner is a person who is responsible for the rest of the rent that you don't pay if u get evicted the person who signed as a cosigner will have to go to court

Can you be a co-signer with no job?

You can, but the more likely scenario is that you will be listed as the primary and the person who can pay will be the cosigner to secure the loan. If you are hoping to secure the loan for another party as their cosigner, it is not likely to happen. Unless you are fabulously wealthy, and can provide evidence of this to the lender, you will not be accepted as a cosigner.

If we have bad credit will a cosigner help us get a mortgage?

Yes, a person with bad credit can get a cosigner for a mortgage. The cosigner will have to have excellent credit and must go into the office to sign papers to become a cosigner.

If the cosigner is refusing to refinance or pay the auto loan off how could the primary person on the auto loan remove his or her name?

They would need to have the vehicle refinanced in their name only or obtain another cosigner for the refinancing.

If cosigner has a car loan already may she cosign for someone and be approved for that person and the cosigner has good credit?


Can a person who receives Social Security be a cosigner?


What legal recourse is there for the cosigner when the person that was cosigned for has defaulted on the loan?

The usual legal recourse for the cosigner when the person named as the primary on a loan has defaulted, is to make the payments on the loan. Then, the cosigner can take the person who defaulted to court to try and recoup some of the money they are out. If the loan was for a car, some states allow the cosigner to take possession of the car and sell it to recoup losses also.

Are parents responsible for adult child's debt to an attorney?

Very generally speaking, in the U.S. a person is not liable for any other person's debt, unless that person is a cosigner on a loan or something.

What does it mean for a person to be sacrificing their own will for another?

to do something they don't want to for another person

When someone is a cosigner on the loan of your car does that mean he owns any part of it?

when you cosign on any kind of loan you dont have to pay anything unless the person you cosigned for does not pay the loan, then you are responsible for that the remaining balance on the loan

What does cosigner mean?

a cosigner is someone that also signs a note, meaning that if the original signer dose not pay the obligation the second signer or cosigner must pay. It means, if the person getting the loan does not pay it off, the cosigner is responsible for paying the loan off.

Does the credit of the cosigner gets affected if car is not paid?

Oh yes it does. That person put their credit on the line when they signed the contract making me a cosigner.

Can a cosigner live in a different state than the borrower?

That depends on the lending institution, but most lenders will accept an out of state cosigner as long as the person qualifies.

Can a cosigner sign for one person at one place and also sign for someone different at another?

Yes. Be aware that the cosigner is the person whom the bank will go after 2nd if the primary signer defaults on payment. If this person cannot afford to have 2 different banks come after them, then they should not sign on 2 loans. So hopefully this consigner trusts both people to make their payments.

If the cosigner is on the title can they take vehicle if person is not making the payments?

Yes..... I did

What is a cosigner?

A cosigner is the person who agrees to pay off the full balance of the loan if the primary borrower fails to pay. A cosigner signs the loan documents and guarantees payment of the loan even if they have no ownership in the property covered by the loan.

Does the cosigner have to drive the car?

No, the cosigner signs on to the loan. Usually, the primary signer owns the car and drives it. The cosigner is there in case the loan goes into default and needs to be paid for. After they sign on the car does not belong to them, but the person who took out the loan.

Who is a consigner?

If a lender does not feel comfortable with what they perceive as your ability to repay a loan they may ask that you get a cosigner. The cosigner is a person who would be guaranteeing the loan repayment if you were to default.

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What is an allocator?

An allocator is a person who allocates something to someone, or a condition by which something is allocated to someone.

Does a cosigner have to have a good credit rating to cosign?

Yes, that is the main purpose of having a cosigner. The person is accepting equal resposibility for repayment of the debt if the primary borrower should default. Therefore a cosigner needs to the have acceptable financial status as required by the lender.

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