You were a mistress should you contact his wife?

That depends upon your reason. If you do contact the wife, be aware that most assuredly "he" will then end your affair. If you are angry with "him" and want revenge by contacting the wife to stir up trouble, he will most likely end your affair, repair his home life, and later simply find another "mistress" with whom to spend his time. In this situation, the only one who benefits by you contacting the wife is the new mistress.

There's only 2 reason why a mistress will contact the wife of the man she is having an affair with. First; you probably want to stop the affair but he said no? Second; you wanted to get in touch with his wife because you want this married man to have a life with you, so making trouble is the only way so if his wife finds out, he will be force to move out. So what will be your leverage if you do this. Like the other person said, if you do it this married man will stop seeing you. And you don't really have to rights to destroy this woman, don't you agree?