You were a soldier from 1974-1976 never saw action was overseas in japan during conflict would you be a VFW?

The VFW was created by Spanish-American War veterans from their 6 month war against Spain in 1898. Since this declared "Splendid Little War" (as it was known) was the United State's FIRST foreign war, this was the name chosen for it; Veterans of FOREIGN Wars...and as the name states, an individual must be a veteran of a "foreign war." Thus, normally, a written order or discharge paper indicating a "campaign ribbon" (purple heart, CIB, etc.) must be submitted with the application for membership.

For your information, US Civil War veterans had their own organization...GAR (Grand Army of the Republic; for the Northerners). Since the US Civil War was NOT a foreign war, those Civil War veterans "might" not have been eligible for VFW membership. Neither would have been the wounded and surviving 7th US Cavalrymen who fought under LTC Custer or MAJ Reno during the Battle of the Little Big Horn in 1876. Since both of those conflicts were domestic and not FOREIGN wars.