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Well in occured at a low speed, do you know how much damages will cost. There was no damage to my car, but his cars bumper paint peeled off and it kind of crushed very little. We exchanged some information, but no insurance information yet. Is this going to cost a lot of money you think?

The person behind has the right to be annoyed that the lead driver stopped abruptly, but the simple fact is, you're responsible for hitting the car in front of you in the situation you described.

2006-08-23 22:32:25
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Q: You were at a stop sign with a car in front of you and they started to go and then slammed on their brake and you hit them who is at fault?
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If the car merging onto a road in front of you was beyond the Yield sign and slammed on their brakes Who is at fault?

Sounds like you rear-ended them. Are you the same person who had the driver ahead "Brake aggressively" a couple of weeks ago? If the front of your car strikes the back of another and they are not in reverse, 99.99% of the time you are at fault.

When he car in front slammed their brakes on for no apparent reason i hit it from behind whose fault is this?


Who is at fault in a rear-ending accident if the person in front slammed on their brakes?

The person who was following too closely to stop before hitting the car ahead.

Who is at fault when a car stops short in front of you on purpose causing a rear end collision?

The person doing the rear ending is most times at fault unless it can be proved that the other car purpously cut in front of you and slammed on brakes other wise it doesnt matter that they slammed on brakes on purpouse, the following driver is supposed to maintain a proper distance allowing for any sudden stops. Sorry

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Who is at fault when a vehicle is hit from behind on a freeway the driver in front for putting on brake and what pena code does it follow under?

Who is at fault when a vehicle is hit from behind on a freeway the driver in front for putting on there brakes and whatpenal code does it follow under?

You have a front brake locked down on 93 suburban changed caliper and bled when you finshed brake locked down tight what is stoping fluid from going back?

It is a good possiblity the brake hose feeding that wheel is at fault.

Who is at fault if the car in front started spinning in a puddle and was hit on the back passenger door?

The driver who hit it.

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The most effective brake is the front brake.

If you hit a car from behind because someone else braked in front causing them to brake suddenly whos fault is it?

you are... by law, its tish enit

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The master cylinder may be at fault (internal seals bad). The proportioning valve may be at fault (frozen). The system may not be bled properly (air in system). The rear wheel brake cylinders may be at fault (frozen).

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Yes it has front brake pads.

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The rubber brake hose could be at fault.

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The Dodge Intrepid has front and rear brake hoses

Who is at fault in a 5 car wreck that started at the front - you were car?

Fault is typically determined by police reports and accident witness(es). In a rear end accident the vehicle striking another in the rear is typically at fault. With multiple cars it is up to the reporting police officer to determine fault.

If a car pulls out in front of you who is at fault?

Their fault for not looking both ways

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replace front brake discs and pads.

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