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yes!!!!! you have to see a doctor immediatly

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Q: You were diagnosed 15 yrs ago with a calcium deposit in your skull you have recently developed another one and they are both sore Do you need to see a doctor?
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How is hypercalcemia diagnosed?

High levels of calcium in the blood are a good indication of hypercalcemia, but these levels may fluctuate. Calcium levels are influenced by other compounds in the blood that may combine with calcium. Hypercalcemia is ultimately diagnosed by Calcium blood tests which should be done over the course of several months.

Is there another name for calcium?

Calcium is only calcium in the English language.

What if your finger joints are swollen and painful but have been diagnosed with not having arthritis?

It could be calcium deposits in the joints.

What is another name for calcium?

Calcium is an element and 'calcium' is the proper term. Calcium is found in many compounds with a variety of names.

What is another medical term for calcium deposit?

Calcium deposits occur when calcium builds up in a tendon and causes pain. Another name for this is calcific tendinitis.

What is another word for calcium fluoride?

Calcium fluoride is also known as fluorite.

What is the reaction of calcium and barium?

Calcium and barium do not normally react with one another.

What is the valency of fluorine in calcium fluoride?

1. This is answerI have another question to ask youWhat is the valency of calcium in calcium flouridePlease can you answer to my question

Another name for calcium?

Calcium has no synonyms as it is an element, unless you want to refer to it as element 20 or Ca which are both references to calcium.

Is chalk is composed of calcium carbonate?

Chalk is simply another form of Calcium Carbonate(CaCO3)

What is another word for calcium carbonate?

chalk. :)

What is another name for calcite?

Calcium Carbonate

What is what is another name for limestone?

Calcium carbonate.

How many protons dose calcium have?

A calcium atom (Ca) has 20 protons.Another way of saying this is: the atomic number of calcium is 20.

What is another name for calcium salts in bone?

Another name for Calcium salts in bone is hydroxyapatite. The extracellular mix in blood called plasma is the matrix.

What is osteomalacia?

Bones require calcium and phosphorus to be healthy and strong. In order to absorb the calcium and phosphorous you body utilizes vitamin D. Without vitamin D your bones will become brittle. This is what is referred to as osteomalacia when diagnosed in children.

What is another name for slaked lime?

Another name for slaked lime is milk lime, or quick lime. It is chemically known as calcium hydroxide. CaOH2

What is another name for vitamin v5?

Calcium pantothenate

What is Another name for limestone?

calcium carbonate,CaCO3

What is another name for limescale in kettles?

Calcium carbonate.

A calcium atom bonds with another atom What is the maximum number of additional electrons the calcium atom can receive?


Why does calcium carbonate appears to get lighter when it reacts with acid?

Reacting with an acid calcium carbonate is transformed in another salt.

Is there another name for calcium bromide?

Calcium bromide (CaBr2) is the official name after IUPAC rules in English language.

What are 3 common compounds containing calcium?

Calcium forms many common compounds. One of these compounds is calcium carbonate, CaCO3. Another common calcium compound is calcium chloride, CaCl2. Finally, calcium hydroxide (Ca(OH)2) is also quite common.

What is another name for pseudogout?

Pseudogout is also known by another name: calcium pyrophosphate dihydrate deposition disease (CPPD), the basis of which is derived from the calcium deposits that collect in the joint.