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No you were driving and it quit.and if it cranks it is turning over. check for spark at the spark plugs and also for fuel pressure at the injector rail.

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โˆ™ 2008-12-19 01:44:01
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Q: You were driving and suddenly your 96 Tahoe died It would not restart Lights radio still working When you tried to restart it cranks but would not turn over what could be the problem?
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Engine stalls while driving won't restart for several hours on 2003 Santa Fe?

If the engine stalls and won't restart for several hours on a 2003 Santa Fe, there is a problem with the computer in the vehicle. Check to make sure all computer fuses are working properly.

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My computer does that some times it is usually getting rid of useless files

After driving my truck and then shutting it off i go to restart it after 15 min it wont crank or turn over?

that sounds like your starter motor isn't working, which would explain why there is no noise when you try to restart it

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What might be the problem when you lose all power to the steering wheel and brakes on your 1992 caddy deville when driving. Then for someone reason it starts working again after i restart it?

Sounds like vehicle is stalling and you are losing all power assist and vacuum supply to braking system

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Why does my cars RPM suddenly increase when driving at a consistent speed for no apparent reason?

your car must have turbo system in it.turbo starts working at a selected RPM.

While driving what would make the engine cut off and and not restart?

Fuel... either you ran out or the pump stoped working, it could also me that the alternater failed and the battery died.

Why should a car just all of a sudden stop working when you are driving?

had that problem with my 96 and turned out to be the fuel pump

Is it the transmission not working well that why the car slow down while driving in the road?

Could be but probably an engine problem.

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04 trailblazer Why did the instrument panel gauges suddenly just stopped working causing battery to run down Jumped started and was working again Now not working?

You may have an electrical problem. need a professional tech to look at it. I just found out that it is a gauge cluster problem. This is not the first time I heard this as I did call the dealership and explained to the mechanic what was happening, he said and the same thing. It is not uncommon for this problem in trailblazers. If the gauges are not working, then your battery is not getting charged up.

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While driving the AC fuel gages speedometer radio etc suddenly stopped working without warning Is this a fuse a module Please help as the car is owned by your 82 year old mother 1990 cadillac deville?

I had the same problem--Body Control Module--located behind the glovebox--$50-$100

1987 Oldsmobile cutlass calais Cruise Control Stopped working suddenly on highway. how would i fix this fuses are good brake lights are working.?

if it is a standard transmission, check the clutch switch on the pedal, may fix the problem. it did on my accord. i own a calais w/o cruise. hope you find the problem.

Why did your dodge neon suddenly stopped working?

because its a Dodge Neon

Why will blower motor on 97 Chevy p-up be working when shut off and then restart p-up in a few minutes blower motor will not work If you pound on the box under the dash it will eventualy restart?

problem with electrical wires attached to the blower motor , they're to loose, try to paste them again

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Is this "suddenly" like after your daughter takes a shower for 65 minutes?

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that depends on if you will be driving the vehicles that you will be working on if you are going to be driving them then the answer is no, if you are not going to be operating the vehicles then it should be absolutely no problem. Next time you drink just don't drive and you will not have this problem. if you still have a d.l. you should be able to drive the cars if they want to put you on their insurance.

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check you water (coolant) level, make sure thermostat is working, radiator leaks, sensor problem