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Have you taken an at home test yet, some women experience cramping in early pregnancy this is very normal so just take a test or go to your doctor just so that you know whats going on!!! Hope this helps! Good luck and God Bless!

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โˆ™ 2006-03-24 23:32:55
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Q: You were due on week ago and think im pregnant but now have got period cramps is this normal?
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Is it normal to get cramps on abdomen and you think you are pregnant?

Normal is different for each person. Do you normally have stomach cramps? Usually pregnancy doesn't involve stomach cramps, just nausea.

Is it normal to have your full period when pregnant?

No it is not normal to have your period while pregnant. I have heard of some small spotting while pregnant but if you have your full period while you think you are pregnant, you thought wrong. You would not be pregnant.

I have backaches cramps and tender breasts but haven't missed my period Is that a sign of being pregnant?

I've been having cramps, backaches and tender breasts but haven't missed my period as yet. Do you think I might be pregnant or is this premenstrual symptoms?

Can you still have cramps if you think your pregnant?

Yes u can still have cramps when ur pregnant and when ur not.

Is it normal to have your period twice in one month first time no cramps second time cramps what is it mean?

okay i dont think that you can answer my question so forget it

Can your period come on if you are pregnant?

the answer to your question is yes it is very normal to get your period while pregnant it is nothing to worry about.While you are pregnant you don't get a period, but you may have spotting. If you think your pregnant take test.

If you have Period cramps but no period is this a sign of pregnancy?

its very normal. a couple off my friends who are/were pregnant had that happen to them . Or it might be ovulation (an egg being released) which often results in cramping, or that your period is going to arrive soon, butt remember if your stressing about it (cause you think your pregnant or anything) stress makes your period not come. So try an relax(:

Can you still get your period while your pregnant?

Some women have bleeding while pregnant that they think is their period, but bleeding while pregnant is NOT normal and should be evaluated by an OBYN!

Could you be pregnant if your period is very light you have unusual cramps and your nipples hurt?

Some women can have a period and still be pregnant. If you really think there is a chance, you need to break down and take a HPT.

You think you are pregnant and you are suppose to be starting this week Should you be having cramps?

you can get cramps, the week you are supposed to start, and still be pregnant

Got cramps like going to start my period but nothing but for two days when wiped a red smear and today a brown like old blood and slight cramps now Don't think I am pregnant?

Sounds like your period is coming. There is no "old blood" in periods. Brown, red, or very dark are all normal colors.

Your girlfriend has cramps but shes not bleeding is she pregnant?

I think she is .

Im not sure if you were pregnant and think you may have a misscarriage your period was normal?

Visit a doctor

Could you still be pregnant if you are late for your period and having bad cramps but not period cramps and a pregnancy test was negative?

I think you could be pregnant, maybe you have not waited long enough for the HCG hormone to show up in your urine. If you really think you are pregnant then you should try to get a blood test, they are much more accurate. Or you could try bying an early response pregnancy test. But I would just relax and if you are hoping to be pregnant, I hope that you are.

You are due to get your period this week But you think you are pregnant but have slight cramps Is this normal?

well if you are getting any kind of cramps near your period its most likely your period arriving ... if you believe that you might be pregnant i would definitely go get a home pregnancy test i would get ept that can detect early pregnancy a soon as 5 days before your first missed period ... even then the hcg hormone doesnt show up in your body for as long as a week after your missed period or sometimes three months !!! only time will tell if you are pregnant ! the wait is the worst part ! ** best of luck**

Is moderate to heavy bleeding normal 5 days after stopping birth control or could I be pregnant?

Well bleeding is normal after stopping your pills. And by the way if you are having your period your not pregnant. It's only when you don't have your period for a while should you think you are pregnant.

You think you are pregnant but you did not take a test you have most of the signs of pregnancy but you are on your period it is bright red blood with dark blood clots could you still be pregnant?

If your period has come at the normal time it is unlikely you are pregnant.

You thought you were pregnant but you got your period are you?

It is normal for some females to still have a period during the first trimester of their pregnancy. If you think you may be pregnant get tested. It is as simple as peeing into a cup.

Can you still be pregnant even if the test says not pregnant but you have a light period?

yes you can have a false negative, but not a false positive. if you think that the test is wrong and you do not have a normal period go to your doctors

I want to be pregnant but my period was 18 days late i think it just came i have really bad cramps and back pain and some pregnancy symptoms what do you think is going on?

Pregnancy symptoms are a lot like PMS symptoms so maybe you are pregnant. 18 days late.... if your cycles are normal its time for a test. Good luck!

Is it normal to have abdominal cramps at 16 weeks?

I think so, because I have cramps and I am 16 weeks as well. They feel like the type of cramps you would normally get before you start your period. I found that my cramps are sometimes associated with needing to use the restroom and once I go they start to subside.

You think you might be pregnant but you have just had a period are you pregnant or not?

Having a period means you are not pregnant.

Could you be pregnant if you have a light blood flow then normal blood flow but had no cramps?

It is possible to experience vaginal bleeding when you are pregnant, but it is unlikely - it is also biologically impossible to menstruate during pregnancy. If you think that you could be pregnant then take a pregnancy test to determine if you are pregnant or not.

Do you get cramps during your period?

Menstrual cramps are common but they are not a normal part of healthy menstruation at all. Some people may have underlying health conditions to cause menstrual cramps, but most people can prevent menstrual cramps all together - so don't think they're something you have to just tolerate.

If you think you are pregnant and have a period how long should you wait before taking a pregnancy test?

Hiya! If the period is normal then it is unlikely you are pregnant hun. However, you can do a pregnancy test as soon as the bleeding stops.