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Pretty likely. Flee the state.

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Q: You wipe pre-ejaculate fluid near a woman's vagina a week after she was on her period what's the chances of pregnancy?
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What are the chances of pregnancy a day after your period ended you're not on birth control partner used pull out method but semen still got on vagina?

There is a 2% chance of pregnancy in this situation.

Is there is chances of pregnancy if sperm is not enter in vagina by using condom?

No there is not.

What are the chances of pregnancy if a girl had unprotected sex but the guy didn't ejaculate and the girl had her period thirteen days ago?

It is still possible as there is pre-ejaculate that can enter the vagina. Most women ovulate around 12 - 16 days after they have their period. In order to avoid pregnancy, protection should be used prior to any contact with the vagina.

Chances of pregnancy after giving head?

Zero, you have to introduce semen into the vagina for pregnancy to occur. Oral sex does not do this.

What are the chances of pregnancy if he pulled out but semen came in contact with the vagina?

You could be pregnant

What are the chances of pregnancy if someone ejeculates inside the vagina but semen coming out After ejeculation how much quantity of semen is coming out?

If ejaculate goes into the vagina during the fertile period it doesn't matter if semen dribbles out, there is a high chance of pregnancy. It only takes one sperm cell to cause pregnancy, there are millions of them in small amounts of semen

Can a lady get pregnancy if sperm ejaculated on the external surface of vagina?

It is possible, but the chances are slim.

If you touch a vagina or vulva when you pre-cummed and you only 14 what are the chances of pregnancy?


The condom broke and sperm came in contact with her vagina. What are the chances of pregnancy?

If she is not on birth control, the chances can be great. Get a pregnency test and do it in around 3 weeks, don't wait for her to start her period, some women still have periods the whole time they are pregnant.

What are the chances of pregnancy if the condom falls off in the vagina?

Most likely she is pregnate. That's what happend to me.

Can a woman be pregnant if the sperm of the man drop on her front but not inside of the vagina?

If it's close enough to the vagina, the possibility of pregnancy is still there, but chances are low.

What are the chances of pregnancy if your boyfriend didnt go in your anus but was around the area of your anus and there was pre cum in that area what are the chances of it getting in your vagina?

If you let a single drop of sperm role from the anus to the vagina, there is a big chance of you getting pregnant.

What are the chances of pregnancy if the condom slips off and stayed inside the vagina but right afterwards you took the emergency contraception pill?

The chances are extremely slim for pregnancy, but depending on how well you know this person, I would get checked for disease.

Can bleeding of vagina for 4-5 days be a symptom of pregnancy?

No that sounds like your period.

Your tampon was pushed up inside you and the next day you took plan b what are the chances of pregnancy?

Tampons do not cause pregnancy, the fact that a tampon was pushed up inside you have absolutely no relation to pregnancy what-so-ever. If you had sex and ejaculate got into your vagina there is a chance of pregnancy, but as long as you used emergency contraception chances are slim.

I had sperm inside my vagina during my period Can this lead to pregnancy?

it can there is never an 100 % chane you cant get pregnant , but most likely not Sperm in the vagina during Menstruation (periods) will not lead to pregnancy.

Can you get a girl pregnant if you stick your penis in for 2 seconds?

Yes, the length of time the penis was inserted has no bearing on pregnancy. The only thing that matters is if ejaculate or preejaculate enters the vagina of a woman of childbearing age. Sperm cells don't have a "5 second rule" or anything like that.

Can you get pregnant if he comes near your vagina but lets say your on your period?

you can still get pregnant while on your peroid. if he cums near your vagina you can also get pregant, chances are slim.

You have brown bleeding out of your vagina?

Chances are you're starting your period. It's most likely nothing to be conserned about=)

Is tingling in your vagina every once in a while a sign of pregnancy?

Not necessarily. I had the same weird twinges in my vagina, and turns out I got my period about a week later.

Can you get pregnant without losing your virginity if there was slight entering but the hymen did not break and there was no semen what are the chances of pregnancy?

Technically, if the vagina was penetrated then you are no longer a virgin. Congrats. Although chances of pregnancy are lower because there was no ejaculation, there is something called pre-cum which is an initial discharge that is not always observable. In summation, you can not get pregnant if you are a virgin, but you are no longer considered a virgin if your vagina has been penetrated.

Is there any chances to get pregnant if his pre-ejaculate touches her vagina though she wore a pajama and underwear?

If the precum touched the flesh of the vagina and there was sperm in it and some of it actually got into the vagina quickly. then there is a very tiny chance of this happening. The chances are only slightly bigger then the immaculate conception. However if the precum landed on the pajamas that covered the underwear over the vagina there is absolutely no chance of pregnancy.

What are the chances of getting pregnant if the male ejaculates near the female's vagina just before her period?

Listen, if you don't want to get pregnant, then you should not be having sex without a condom or without being on the pill (or both) REGARDLESS of where you are in your monthly cycle. Rhythm doesn't work. And yes, if he ejaculates on your behind, it can get into your vagina. Please be more careful. And if your period is late, take a pregnancy test to confirm what you want to know.

What are the chances of becoming pregnant when the sperm went on the vagina?

Pretty good. There are known cases of sperm going through underwear and resulted in pregnancy. Any sperm in/around the vagina may result in pregnancy. All it takes is one. Don't want a baby? Use protection.

What are your chances of pregnancy if you had pre-ejaculate fluid on your hands then touched the outside of your vagina and ovulated 5 days later?

I think you're safe