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You wipe the fluids with cloth after intercourse is that stopping you from getting pregnant?


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No. Lots of semen will still pass through the cervix, so you can still get pregnant.


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Having sexual intercourse and bodily fluids coming together to produce a baby.

No, "foamy" fluid discharge after intercourse is from the mixture of fluids, which the vagina naturally discharges.

Bodily fluids. Mostly sexual intercourse.

Size doesn't matter when it comes to getting her pregnant. The semanal fluids will travel as they are supposed to.

No. It can actually make it worse because it can push the seminal fluids further into the vagina.

No; You ejaculate seminal fluids in her vagina to get her pregnant.

by sharing bodily fluids and unprotect oral, vaginal, or anal sexual intercourse

In order for a female to become pregnant, there must be either pre-ejaculatory fluids or ejaculatory fluids that come in contact with her vagina.

It can be spread to the other person by body fluids such as blood, sperm, vaginal fluids, and anal intercourse. You can catch hiv from oral, vaginal, and anal intercourse. Also, if they have hiv and you have a cut and somehow those cuts touch, you can get the virus. Also, needles can spread hiv.

Assuming that all you do is share a bath together then no you cannot get her pregnant. However if you have intercourse, or engage is other forms of sex play where semen is near enough to enter her vagina then you could. But, if you are just taking a bath together, with out releasing bodily fluids, there is no risk of pregnancy.

Several factors one could be lack of foreplay to get enough fluids flowing

Yes condom can prevent a person from HIV infection. It will not allow the contact of body fluid such as sperm and vaginal fluids. Since HIV is primarily transmitted through body fluids (including blood, saliva) one can be prevented by condoms from getting AIDS by intercourse with an already infected person.

vampires don't have any body fluids.

Yes. If any ejaculatory fluids came in contact with your vagina you can become pregnant.

Yes, if the ejaculatory fluids came in contact with your vagina you can get pregnant.

The secretion of sexual fluids by the glands of the vagina, help to soothen the penetration of the the penis during sexual intercourse.

No, the only possible way for you to become pregnant is if there is an exchange with vaginal fluids and semen.

No. While it is true that the instance of UTIs increase when having intercourse, it is not because of the sharing of bodily fluids. The friction of intercourse and push bacteria into a woman's urethra and cause infection. But, it isn't. The bodily fluids causing the issue. Many recommend urinating soon after sex to help flush out any bacteria from the urethra.

It's easier for women to get STDs because of fluids left in the vagina, and small cuts that occur during intercourse. Also, women are less likely to have symptoms that would prompt getting medical care.

I wouldn't think so. If so, I have never heard of this. It is not uncommon for females to get urinary tract infection after intercourse due to transmission of other fluids in the path of the urethra.

There are no special fluids you have to take as pregnant. Vitamins maybe but that is something your doctor will give you.

If your female dog is leaking fluids then she is about to give birth. The first pup should be arriving soon!

Do you mean pregnant for "perneng" ? Yes, if the right kind of body fluids are exchanged and at the right time and way and you have to be female to get pregnant.

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