You would like more horse power from your 92 paseo is there a chip you can fit or a turbo and if so what turbo would be suitable?

About the best things you can do for the 5E-FE(i'm assuming this is the motor code in your vehicle) are intake, exhaust headers and exhaust piping, ECU flash upgrade. There is a company called el protoypes which I have looked up that does a lot of ECU upgrades for toyotas. You can also search for a local import tuning shop in your area. They may be able to flash your ECU in house or send it out to someone who can. Hole Shot headers makes performance headers for your vehicle. These may be difficult to install because of modifications to make it fit the brakcets and or downpipe. I have installed a Weapon-R intake on my 96 paseo and have been satisfied with the performance of it. Don't expect too much extra horsepower though. An Apexi N1 muffler sounds good and adds a little extra on top end. As far as turbos go, you can find a kits online. Just google "Toyota Paseo turbo kit" Its pretty expensive. May run you around three grand. I wouldn't recommend doing it though unless you happen to have a 5E-HFE motor under the hood. It has tougher internals and would hold up better being turbo'd than the 5E-FE. If you want better ideas for More HP in your paseo, check out They have forums about performance upgrades and engine swaps for the paseo. I'd recommend an engine swap for more HP. This all depends on your budget though.