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The best web site i have found is since you are a fourth generation firebird there might be a positive. The best thing to do would be to save yourself a lot of trouble and buy a haynes or chilton repair manuel. Or you can check one out at the library. If you don't know anything about spark plugs- you need to read the safety info first. There are electrical parts that can injure you pretty bad. I'm a chick and guys always act like i don't know anything about my car--get a book and shove it in their face when they are wrong or else they never believe you. The internet is a good backup I have a 1998 v-6 and im sure they are the same I seriously suggest you take it to a shop for them to do UNLESS you have some way to get the car off the ground I.E a lift if not its not worth the trouble.

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what ideal pressure oil for engine 5.7 v8 vortex

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friction, imperfect insulation

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What are differences between ideal and real cycle?

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what is physical change

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195 is the thermostat that goes in a V6.

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The ideal confirmation for a Tennessee Walker is explained in the related link. It gives the basic confirmation, will show you a picture, and then gets into greater detail. It is the best site showing the ideal TWH that I have found.

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You'd be lucky to get 30mpg tops