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The only Will that counts is your latest Will and hopefully you have put the date on each Will. If you are unsure of this, then do a fresh Will and be sure that you state this is your final Will and that the date is on it. This doesn't mean you still can't change the Will at a later date. Every 10 years people should change their Wills. Sometimes they have more children, disown children they have put in the Will a relative or friend. People constantly change their minds.

Just in case you may not have thought of it, be sure if your children are young that you choose a good guardian for your children in case of the death of you and your wife/husband and be sure you discuss this with the guardian you have chosen. The usual process is ... if the husband dies everything usually goes to the wife and thus, onto the children and vice-versa. The person writing the Will can leave their property or any monies to anyone they wish ... even to a friend or charity.

For those people that love pets in their home this is another clause that should be put into their Will. I met a man one day and he had the most fascinating parrot. We got talking and I asked him if he made provisions in his Will for that parrot as they can live much longer than most people. He did not! He rushed out and changed his Will! Dogs, cats, etc., should always be considered in a Will and choose carefully who you know would provide a loving home for them and be sure to ask that person first if they would take on the responsibility.

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Q: You wrote a will on a few occasions eg in 1990 as a single then in 1994 when you got married and in 2000 you wrote a fresh will because you lost your old Will If all of your old wills are recovered af?
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