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Youngest you can get Medicare?


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You must be on Social Security Disability for two years or in end stage renal failure, or age 65. As for most bottom feeders out there, no other options are available. This is why our Govt is battling 500 billion dollars in medicare fraud. I am a licensed insurance professional and I will say if you had a true issue you would contact a professional, those who really need it deserve it, the rest don't, so contact an agent, they will explain it, all those who are fake will really understand that taking advantage of the system is wrong. Let the people who need it have it, and the people who don't TAKE A HIKE

Previous answer is mostly factually correct. However, much Medicare fraud is perpetrated by Doctors and Healthcare facilities and Medicare makes PLENTY of their own mistakes as well .As a disabled nurse,I receive the minimum payment , because I didn't have enough quarters in because, GUESS WHAT? I spent too much time doing volunteer work in clinics for the poor, long-term care facilities for disabled children and caring for family and friends that were terminally ill and could not afford a private nurse.I got my disability on the first try without an insurance professional,or lawyer,who generally take 1/3 of your initial award, even if they do nothing to deserve it. If you sign on with a lawyer or agent, you pay no matter what. I got my award due to a good diagnostic work-up and 12 years of diagnostic documentation .

Remember Mr. Insurance professional, you can't fool an MRI . And when I could work, I made 3x times the money I get now. I'm having a real BALL on this pittance. Maybe you should work on being less judgemental before it's your time to be judged.