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Many issues to check. 1)Accelerator connections 2)Speed sensors 3)Fuel delivery 4)Distributor

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What is the reason a Honda civic jerks when accelerating?

chokeing because u dont have a good air fuel mixture in the combustion chamber

Why does the steering wheel vibrate and jerk at high speeds?

wheel balance is out.if it jerks alot at high speeds possibly a tire seperation.if those two possibilities check out then check the toe angle of the front suspension.

If a car jerks when driving what is wrong?

When a car jerks or vibrates that usually means that the air preassure in AT LAEST one of the tires is to low. Fill up air in your tires.If that still does not solve the porblem and your car jerks and drifs then you should get your wheels alligned. They are not perpendicular to the road (or flat). That also speeds up tire ware. If your car vibrates at high speeds you should get your wheels balanced. Your wheel gets rotated in a machine, and then tiny weights are added to the wheel to eliminate any heavy spots on the wheel.

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When turning on air conditioner and the clutch kicks on in the air compressor it jerks and the car jerks at the same time Car experiencing loss of electricity from engine when it jerks 95 lin town?

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03 Monte Carlo jerks when acerlerate from the stop

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