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If the engine cranks, then the first check is the fuse on the OVPR located next to the battery under the rain drip hase a 10 amp fuse located under it's clear plastic flip top. Check the fuse and check the manufacures date on the relay. If more than 5 years old, renew the relay... Mercedes updates these nearly every year. About $89.00.

Coils fail too, check for a spark whilst cranking by holding the coil wire 1/4 inch from a good ground.....CAUTION : Ignition is capable of 60,000 not test this way if you are not sure of what you are doing.

Additionally, you can use a test light on the terminals at the fuel pump with the ignition in the on position. if you do not have current, the fuel pump relay may be the problem. the relay is located in behind the battery behind the black cover. The fuel pump (2 fuel pumps on some models) is/are located under the floor panel close to the rear axle on the drivers side.

If you are sure you do not have spark then your problem could be the crankshaft position sensor... it is a magnetic device that sits in the bell housing at the back of the engine and feeds directly to the ignition control module located on the inside of the engine compartment on the driver side... remove the wire from the module and measure for a resistance of around 900ohms... if it is far below that... then that is the problem... if not that it could be the module itself... This problem plagued me for over a month and many replacement parts later.... from a wrecker yard luckily... it funally solved the problem... Good luck...

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Q: Your 1986 190E wont start the engine turns on but it seems like there is no fuel getting to it you hope a fuel line or the filter is clogged and nothing worse than that any suggestions?
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Will a clogged fuel filter cause the engine to stall?

Definitely. If the engine isn't getting gas it can't run.

Tell why the engine is not getting gas for a 95 Nissan pickup?

fuel filter clogged fuel pump weak fuel line clogged

Will bad fuel filter make engine die and not start?

Yes, I clogged fuel filter will prevent fuel from getting to the engine.

What causes no heat on a 1996 Chevrolet Blazer?

could be a clogged heater core or problem with blower fan or clogged air ducts antifreeze system could be low or frozen Is engine getting warm?

Im not getting fuel to your engine you just replaced the fuel pump and its not getting power its in a 97 kia sephia?

have you tried looking to see if your your fuel filter is clogged.

Why is a 1986 ford bronco 2 engine not getting fuel?

Clogged fuel filter, defective fuel pump are 2 possibilities.

Why wont a 92 firebird start seems like its not getting gas but you can hear the fuel pump come on?

start by disconneting the fuel filter on the engine side then turn the key if there is no fuel getting through then it is a clogged filter. if tht is not the problem then your screwed. start by disconneting the fuel filter on the engine side then turn the key if there is no fuel getting through then it is a clogged filter. if tht is not the problem then your screwed.

What Cause Jerking on a 99 Mercury Cougar?

The primary cause for jerking on a 99 Mercury Cougar is the engine not getting enough fuel. This can be a sign of a clogged fuel filter, bad fuel pump, or clogged fuel injectors.

Could clogged fuel filter cause engine check light to turn on and off?

yes because there isn't enough oil isn't getting to the motor yes.a severely clogged filter can cause a lean condition triggering sensor codes activating the check engine light.

Why does my car lurch and feels like gas is not getting to the engine while Im driving?

If feels like your car isn't getting gas to the engine, perhaps the fuel injectors are clogged. You may also need to change the fuel filter.

Is getting an air filter versus a fuel filter more important?

They are both very important. But a clogged fuel filter will stop the engine from even running. A clogged air filter will hurt performance and mileage but will not stop the engine from running unless it is totally clogged. Replace the air filter every 30,000 miles and the fuel filter every 50,000 miles.

Could Catalytic converters clogged on 1991 GM Sonoma truck cause it not to stay idled?

Probably not. They would have to be clogged solid not to let engine idle in which case the engine would not run at any speed. If they were semi-clogged the engine would idle but hold engine back from revving up.

1994 Cadillac deville engine surging problems and stalling out?

A 1994 Cadillac Deville that has an engine surging problem and is stalling out can indicate it is not getting enough fuel. The fuel filter may be clogged.

The engine tries to start but still wont start?

It sounds like its not getting fuel. Could be clogged fuel filter or bad fuel pump.

What is wrong when a 1995 Nissan Altima GXE is not getting fuel to the engine?

fuel pump, wiring, relay, clogged filter,kinked fuel line.

If the PCV valve is clogged will the engine rev up?

The engine will have difficulty in performing correctly!!

Why are you not getting fuel to the engine of your jeep wrangler?

Bad fuel pump, clogged or broken fuel lines, or if it is fuel injected it could be bad fuel injectors.

What causes wild fluctuations in engine temperatures?

clogged thermostat

What happens if a cars tailpipe is clogged?

the engine wont start

What could be the reason for a carburetor on 305 Chevy engine not to be getting fuel?

clogged line, bad fuel filter, carbs need to be cleaned, to many deposits in the tank

Can fuel injectors get so clogged that the car won't start?

Yes, if to many of them are clogged, if only one or two are completely clogged the engine will run rough. Also replace the fuel filter.

Does an air filter effect bsfc of a gasoline engine?

yes . There is more vacuum created due to clogged air filter .Clogged air filters make the engine work harder to suck the air they need .So,BSFC will get lower if the air filter gets clogged.

How does a engine runs with a clogged fuel filter?

There could be several symptoms such as lack of power, engine idles but won't rev up, check engine code(s) about lean conditions or random misfire and with a totally clogged fuel filter the engine won't run at all.

Can a fuel filter cause a car not to start?

It would if it is so clogged that is blocks the flow of gasoline to the engine.Yes, if an insufficient amount of fuel is getting through the fuel filter.

What will cause an engine to bog out on accleration?

clogged up catylatic converter.