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Keep in mind, this is a sports car, not a sedan, and it is picky about being properly warmed up. Be sure you warm it up fully before shutting it off. Shutting down a partly warmed engine is likely to flood it. You can test this by reading up on de-flooding techniques and when it doesn't want to start, go through the de-flooding technique and see if it fixes the problem.

Have you changed your fuel filter recently? If you can't remember, it is due anyway, so see if that improves things.

I have a 1988 RX7 w/ 68,000 miles. I had the same problem for a couple of years. My next change of spark plugs and air filter resolved it.

this guy gave you a nice cotton wool covered answer,if its hard to start its worn and will need a rebuild ,compression is low,when the oil is cold it is thick and allows a good seals boosting compression easily starting ,once warm oil is thin and wont pull the same trick,hense you leave it and it starts agian,or the thermostat is old engine runing hot and the oil is overheating causing it to be too thin creating early wear making the problem worse, all these loosers with the sports car story above, go the rotary, hope the hydrogen ones are cool luck bro

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Q: Your 1987 Mazda rx-7 doesn't like to start up after you turn it off if you let the car sit for a couple of days it will start up fine when its can I fix it so it starts every time?
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