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Bad thermostat maybe?

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Q: Your 1988 Toyota Camry is overheating after having the pressure checked on the cooling system checked and the radiator flushed filled?
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What could cause steam in your bonnet?

Cooling system leak or engine overheating and steam escaping from the radiator cap.Cooling system leak or engine overheating and steam escaping from the radiator cap.

What caused cracked or checked brake drums?

Overheating, and rapid cooling.

97 Oldsmobile acheiva overheating it is building up way too much pressure in cooling system?

Replace the thermostat and radiator cap.

Why is your Hyundai accent overheating when the cooling system seems to be working?

Hyundai got excellent cooling system, you might have a little hole in your radiator that affects cooling circulation pressure? check if you have tight cooling system pressure.COCORICO

Antifreeze in a 2001 celica gt if it gets low but there is no overheating or leaking what is wrong?

It could be caused by a defective pressure cap on the radiator cooling system.

Where is coolant pressure release valve for a 2004 dodge caravan?

The radiator cap controls cooling system pressure.The radiator cap controls cooling system pressure.

Why is it not safe to open the radiator cap when the engine is overheating?

The cooling system is under pressure and opening the cap can spray you (and other things) with very hot coolant.

You have changed the thermostat but your 1997 ford contour is still overheating What could the problem be?

Radiator plugged or restricted? Cooling system airbound? Water pump not circulating coolant? Radiator cap defective? Radiator hoses collapsing under pressure? Defective gauge/cooling temperature sensor?

Signs of clogged radiator?

Engine overheating or cooling fan running all the time.

We Have a 88 Honda accord lx that keeps overheating have changed thermostats and checked timing belt replaced radiator and checked cooling fans still overheats?

If you replaced some of theses already ignore and go down the line # Not enough coolant # Water pump drivebelt defective or out of adjustment # Radiator core blocked or grille restricted # Thermostat faulty # Electric cooling fans blades broken or cracked # Radiator cap not maintaining proper pressure # Ignition timing incorrect

Why is my 1992 dodge Dakota overheating during daytime?

Your truck is overheating because it needs a new radiator. I had the same problem, after I installed the new radiator and flushed out my remaining cooling system I never had a overheating problem since.

1993 cavalier overheating?

Low coolant? Radiator plugged or restricted? Water pump not circulating coolant? Thermostat not opening? Cooling fan not working? Hoses collapsing under pressure Defective radiator cap?

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