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Your 1989 Sunbird stalls when you apply the brakes or turn on lights could this be the alternator?


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2015-07-17 17:44:41
2015-07-17 17:44:41

Yes, or you have a short in your lighting system, but more than likely it is your alternator.

hey, sounds more like a short to me, one way to find out if it is your alternator is to start your car, while running disconnect the battery, if it stays running your alternator is ok, now with that done, start puttin load on it, this means turn your lights on, c what happens, if your eng. dips and recovers carry on with wipers and etc.. If by chance it starts to sputter and shake with lights on or other, check your grounds, especially from the alt. and at the neg. battery terminal. u find your problems! Plugz!!

and oh ya if when your battery is connected and car running, with lights on, rev your eng. up and down, watch you lights against a wall and c if they go bright and dim with acording rpm's!if they do its almost certain its your alt, but always double check your grounds and make sure your terminals r clean!!!Plugz!!

erm....can't you just ....take it to parts source or something..get them to see if your alternator is crap? theres a machine..that does that...(if you dont want to deal with all the hassel....i supose...) mine went(its a newer sunbird) stalled once...before my lights flickered..and the car just plain died, nothing went on, nothing a new alternator...fine now.


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maybe its your alternator, if its giving off a weak enough charge, when you put the brake lights on, it drains too much power to run your engine. to check the alternator, start car, and remove the positive cable from your battery with some accesories running. if your car sputters, or stalls, just replace the alternator. hope this helps.

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I'm no expert, but it could be a battery or alternator related problem.

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It sounds like it could be an alternator problem, the easiest way to determine this is to disconect the battery while it is running, if it stalls, or bogs out, replace the alternator. ( but it could just be faulty wire conections. ) hope this helps.

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If it's an automatic, you may have a sticking solenoid INSIDE the transmission.

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It sounds like your alternator is no longer recharging your battery. You probably need a new alternator.

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