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it is going through idle relearn, its perfectly normal.

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Your 1990 Beretta was running fairly well until you added octane booster to a full tank of gas because it had been sitting for almost a year Now it starts and immediately dies If you hit the throttle?

If it idles ok and then dies when you try to accelerate, I'd check the fuel filter first - easiest and cheapest. If that doesn't check out, then it might be the fuel pump or the fuel regulator.

Does the car have to be running for the power booster to be activated?


Why would a 96 Chevy beretta leak oil when running?

oil is thinner when its hot, that's why.

What is the difference between pool booster pump and circulation pump?

The circ pump is used to circulate the water thru the filter. The booster pump is for running the pool sweeper.

Why would a 96 Chevy beretta be leaking oil only when running?

oil is thinner when its hot, that's why.

Mazda B2300 1997 the brakes do not work when the engine is running?

I would check the power brake booster

Why does the transmission on a 95 beretta not shift right?

Check your trans fluid with the engine running, if it is full you need more diagnosis...

Why does brake booster motor keep running continuosly on your 2000 ford expedition?

a power feed from an out side wire,a short from an other source. check for a shorted live wire to the booster feed line.

1997 Dodge Ram running lights stay on after ignition turned off?

day time running module on drivers fender back by the brake booster needs to be replaced

Why would 87 beretta quit running for no reason then not restart for a while?

Quit running after its fully up to temp? Restarts after it cools down? Check the spark when it does it, could be the ignition control module.

When the car is started it refuses to keep running. It starts fine then it will sputter and die?

sounds like a vacume leak! check your vacume lines and block off the brake booster line. may be a defective booster.

Your antifreeze keeps running out of your 95 beretta but there are no leaks any ideas?

Take a look at the oil dipstick, is it milky? Is there white smoke coming out the tail pipe? May be leaking internally. If your beretta has a v-6 odds are that your intake manifold gaskets are leaking these gaskets are plastic and must be replaced periodically your antifreeze is most likely leaking there and burning off immediately thus you'll see no leak.I recommend youy take the car to a shop for diagnosis...

HOW TO OPERAte a screw compressor and reciprocating compressors in series?

Your reciprocating compressors have to be the booster compressors (if running on low temp system)feeding its discharge to the suction of the screw(not directly)(if running on medium temp.

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In Night by Elie Wiesel what happend to the prisoners who stopped running?

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How can you fix the Co2 on your Chevrolet Beretta its way to high?

You may have a bad catalytic converter. This may also be caused by an engine running rich which is a number of possibilities.

How do you run brian Lara cricket 2007 fast?

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Where are the fuel filters on a 1994 Nissan 300zx?

theres one under the hood near the brake booster silver can with two lines running through it.

What is Code 43 ESC on a 1989 Chevy Beretta and would that be the reason the car is not running?

thats your knock sensor ESC is Electronic Spark Control which governs timing.

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What can cause hard brake pedal on 1993 Toyota four runner?

master cylinder or brake booster try removing the vacume hose from the booster while the car is running see if you have vacume, if you do try leaving it off if the brakes work fine without it your master is fine

Can you jump start a motorbike with a car battery booster?

Yes you can but not with the engine running. If you do this the alternator will kick in and transfer more amps than your bike can handle. Jump start it from a cold battery without the engine running and you'll be A OK!

What is wrong when a Jeep is making an air hissing sound when it is running but quiets when you apply the brakes?

This sounds like the power brake vacuum booster going bad.