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Next time, try this: Turn the key on for a couple seconds WITHOUT TRYING TO START THE ENGINE, then turn it off, then try to start it. Sometimes the fuel pressure leaks down overnight and it doesn't build up immediately when you try to start it. If it runs ok the rest of the time it might just be a slow leak in the fuel pressure regulator. If that's all it is, it won't affect the normal operation of the engine unless it gets a lot worse.

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93 Chevy lumina rough idle adter driving for about five minutes it starts to run rough and quits?

The issue may be with the fuel pump. There may also be a problem with the oxygen censor not allowing enough air flow.

Why does a 1996 Dodge Dakota start and run fine on cold mornings then after 10 minutes it starts to cough and sputter especially when downshifting and stall out?

Try checking the idle air control valve. It also may be the beginning of a failing catalytic converter.

On a 1996 Lumina 3.1 is hard to run on humid and rainy days will run good in winter engine starts but backfire needs to run and set for 30 minutes all sensors changed?

u need to have your coil packs checked

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What would cause 1998 Chevy lumina to lose power after running for few minutes?

If the loss of power is sudden in only a few minutes, turn it off. If it starts back up and runs fine for a few minutes the loses power, it could be fuel starvation, check the fuel system for pressure, and change the fuel filter. If it starts up with the loss of power, and the engine has to cool down before it runs fine again it could be something electrical that is overheating and breaking down. Check the ignition coils.

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3 possibilities, camshaft sensor, ignition module, sparkplugs

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