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You need to find out where to start looking at the problem. First, try a little starting fluid, to see if it will fire for a second or two using that. If it runs briefly when you spray starting fluid, your vehicle is not getting fuel. Track it down fromt there. It could be filter, fuse, relay, fuel pump or maybe even just out of fuel. If the starting fluid didn't work, try checking for spark. Pull one plug wire, connect it to a spare sparkplug, lay the sparkplug on a solid metal part of the engine block then have a friend try to start the engine while you watch the plug. You SHOULD see a good, strong spark as the engine is cranked. The first step is always to start isolating the problem. See what still works and what doesn't.

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โˆ™ 2006-08-18 16:42:25
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Q: Your 1990 was running great then you turned it off and it just wouldn't start back it'll turn over all day long but it wont crank how do you get it back running?
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