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Fuses blow because the line is exceeding power level. Check to make sure all you connections are on correctly and that all your grounds are good. Remember if any wire has the insulation broken and the wire comes into contact with metal it can create a short in the system. Use your wiring diagram. Good luck.

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When putting transmission fluid in 98 dodge ram 1500 does the need to run when putting the fluid?

You can pour it in at any time, but the level is checked with it idling in neutral.You can pour it in at any time, but the level is checked with it idling in neutral.

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first replace the fuel filter. they should be changed about twice a year. I'm not sure where it may be located. if that doesn't fix the problem. you need to have the fuel pump checked to see if it is putting out the correct fuel pressure. if not it obviously needs to be replaced. if the fuel pump is good and the filter is good/replaced. have the injectors checked. these are the most common issues to be checked first. i wish i could be more helpfull.

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Me friend has a 1995 (same model as yours) jeep grand Cherokee with a 4in lift and it seems to be fine. I have a 1998 grand Cherokee and am thinking about putting some spacers in it.

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Try putting the number one piston on the top of the stroke.

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You don't have one jeep stopped putting them on the 4.0 in 1990

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98 Cherokee ltd won't start when you turn key all ignition lights come on but when you get to where the car should actually start there is no sound battery and starter replaced alarm reset also fail?

Have the neutral safety switch checked. Try putting the vehicle in Neutral and starting. Also "jiggle" the shifter to see if it'll start.

What the largest tire size you can put on a stock 1992 Jeep Cherokee?


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You need to scan for codes.

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If you've got an '06 with the SatNav option (or double-din radio head), then the swap out is far easier. How much are you looking to do? Just putting a better screen/reciever in, installing the optional rear-seat TV in the center console, or putting screens in the back of the head rests? All require differing levels of involvement, skill, and tear-down.

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