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Vacum line is off of the modulator. The modulator is located behind a plate on the passenger side of the tranny near the rear Cat. If there is fluid in the line, then you will most likely need to replace the modulator.

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What if your 1995 ford f150 w5.0l won't shift into second unless you do it manually then when you try to shift into drive it downshifts and its full of fluid and its a fresh rebuild what could the pro?

you have problems with your overdrive, or it may be a sensor on your transmission. I would recommend a simple transmission fluid change along with your transmission oil filter (it might be clogged) and a lot of times it fixes your sudden changes in gears.

Ford Explorer automatic transmission does not catch reverse gear but works fine in all other gears What can be the problem?

Reverse is usually the first to go, followed by first gear. Time for a transmission rebuild.

How much should it cost to rebuild a transmission on a 2000 Ford Explorer 4 wheel drive?

it should cost about 300 bucks to rebuild transmission, but you are going to pay closer to 2100 bucks

How much should it cost for 1998 Ford explorer transmission rebuild?

it should be about $1600 based on my 1992 trans that was rebuilt

How do you rebuild a transmission on a Ford Explorer 1996 by your self?

This is far beyond anything that WikiAnswers can answer. This answer could take a website by itself.

How do you clean a 1972 dodge dart carburetor?

take it off the engine and put it in a bucket of carb cleaner overnight and if this doesn't solve your problem you will have to get a rebuild kit and rebuild it.

Would extreem clutch slipping in first but not reverse after a transmission rebuild indicate a worn out clutch or a problem with the success of the transmission rebuild?

If no forward or slipping forward suspect problem in the forward clutch and circuit. Reverse does not use the same applied components

How much does a transmission cost for an 1996 Ford Explorer?

A heck of a lot more than the vehicle is worth and you shouldn't buy a new one they had problems that's why your looking rebuild the old one and fix the problem that for couldn't or wouldn't other wise itll happen again

How much does it cost to rebuild transmission for a 94 ford explorer?

transmission leaks told it had to be rebuilt. took it to amco tansmission said 24 hundred.

Rebuild a 1986 Toyota steering geer box?

86 toyota pickup steering gearbox problem

Why natural disaster is a problem?

It is a problem because when it hits it destroys a place and it may cost a lot of money to rebuild that place and fix it up like it used to be.

What could be the problem if your 93 Mazda MPV will not go in reverse?

Shift linakge out of adjustment or transmission needs a rebuild

How do you change power steering valve on 1973 corvette?

Have you thought about a $29.00 rebuild kit might take care of the problem?

How do you rebuild a carburetor for a 93 Yamaha virago 750?

good question, how can you find instructions on this, i have same problem with a 91 xv750 and a 95 virago xv1100 . i dont know if the whole rebuild is done in the bowl by the float. or if you have to take apart the to also good question, how can you find instructions on this, i have same problem with a 91 xv750 and a 95 virago xv1100 . i dont know if the whole rebuild is done in the bowl by the float. or if you have to take apart the to also

Is there a game like rebuild?

Rebuild 2,but they should make another one ''Rebuild 3''

If your Chevy Caprice burn to much oil what is the problem?

sounds like you need a serious rebuild the rings and or valve guides are shot.

How much will it cost to get a compression problem on a 2005 Yamaha blaster cost?

What ever it cost you for a motor rebuild. It varys from shop to shop.

Where do schools get the money to rebuild?

Schools get money from terrorists to rebuild

How do you replace rear timing chain on 1998 ford explorer 4.0?

Normally a timing chain will last the life of the engine and is replaced during a complete engine rebuild. No maintenance is normally required.

Can you rebuild a knocking motor?

yes you can rebuild a knocking motor. its best to rebuild it from block up and it may get pricy but its worth it

Where can you get a rebuild kit for a 1998 grand prix GTP supercharger?

I guarantee you dont have the tools to rebuild one. Unless you work in a machine shop. You need to buy a re-manufactured one. But what makes you think it has a problem. I have 2 of them with over 300 thousand K's on one.

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