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i would think that it may be a belt slipping. since it only happens when the car is moving/acelerating. perhaps one of your belts is loose and when you accelerate since the pulley moves faster the belt start slipping .also the splash shield behind the brakes rotors sometimes bend and you get a squealing type metalic sound. if is more of a humming sound it may be a wheel bearing .

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โˆ™ 2005-10-15 06:56:34
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Q: Your 1992 Honda prelude 22l just started making a consistent squealing noise when driving it stops squealing when you brake or when the car is at a stand still please help?
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Why is your car squealing before it is started?

It Could Be Your Serpentine Belt too tight or not tight enough.

Your 89 prelude started backfiring while you were driving and shutt off you dont know what happened can anyone help you?

Ignition timing, timing belt/chain, distributor cap... who knows without looking at it?

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