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Your 1992 Toyota PU has 175000 should you replace the water pump to insure future problems don't arise A friend said if you wait til it goes out you might damage something?


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October 15, 2005 8:42PM

in my opinion if your vehicle is working fine, and there are no unusual noises coming from the engine why change anything. if you change the water pump to prevent it from going bad you might as well change every part in your engine. to help prevent water pump damage,never use water in your cooling system make sure that its drive belt is not too tight and always change your antifreeze/coolant at the predetermine intervals (at least before winter starts,depending on where you're located) (coolant/antifreeze works as a lubricant for the water pump) always keep a few $$$ save because things will break no matter how well maitained your vehicle is.