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Your 1992 eldorado makes a wining noise when you hit the gas it sounds like its to the back of the engine?

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Who makes eldorado tires?

Cooper Tires makes the Eldorado tire.

What company makes Eldorado tires?

Cooper Tires make the Eldorado Tire

What are the different sounds of vehicles?

The size, shape type of engine all affect the noise an engine makes

What makes the engine malfunction light to blink and make my car shake in my 01 Audi?

Sounds like you blew a cylinder in the engine.

Who makes equalizer sport a p tires?

Eldorado makes this tire.. IT is a division of Cooper tire

Why would a car make a humming noise when started n sometimes while driving?

it does that because it has a generator which makes the engine makes these sounds

What would cause a loud sqeaking to comfrom the engine?

The cars makes squeaking sounds when your mother sits down on the seats!

Water leaking from left side of engine?

Sounds like welsh plugs to me... but without knowing what the car is makes it hard.

Service engine light is on in your 1984 eldorado?

Get the code, you can do it with a paper clip because its an OBD-I , just count the flashes the light makes to find out what code is stored. where does paper clip go count flashes were

What sounds do the wildebeest makes?

It sounds like a wildebeest

Your car makes has begun to make knocking sounds and is slow to take off What could it be?

check oil level. go to engine shop.

What sounds does an ocelot make?

The ocelot makes growling sounds

What are the sounds that a goat makes and why do they make those sounds?

Here is a website with the different sounds a goat makes that you can listen to. They make these sounds for different situations or how they feel.

What sounds do stags make?

well to answer your question a stag pretty much sounds like a deer it makes kind of like a high pitch wining sound Yes, female deer make what is called a "bleet" and male deer "roar." Most people would compare the bleet to a sheep's "bah" noise but it is a little more coarse and not as choppy with breaks in the extended noise.

What are the thing that produced soft and loud sounds?

Everything that makes sounds?

How do you write the sound that a pig makes?

The sound that a pig makes sounds like "oink". The sound a cow makes sounds like "moo". These are farm animals.

Your Mazda 626 makes a squealing sound when you start the engine What is that noise?

Sounds like a slipping alternator drive belt. Adjust in accordance with manufacturers instructions.

What parts of a car make sounds?

My back seat driver (mother-in-law) makes a lot of noise.

What sounds do rain makes?


My Engine makes a hi winning noise like the starter is not catching but belts are turning 1989 prelude?

Are you just trying to start the engine, or is it already running? If it is running it sounds like the power steering pump is bad.

What is the sound made by an engine called?

There is no specific word for a car engine's sound.Someone might say their car, when the engine was operating smoothly, purred or was purring.Or, when the driver accelerates without moving: He revvedhis engine.When the engine makes abnormal sounds, the type of sound is described: the engine was ticking, knocking, sputtering, straining, etc.

Your car smells like gas and when started makes a popping sound in the engine?

make sure all your sparks plugs are tight, sounds like a loose plug

What makes a 1986 Nissan d21 engine floods when key is on?

sounds like you have a short in the wiring to your fuel pump! clean all contacts and check for proper grounds...

What is an engine kit?

makes your engine better

What animal makes the loudest sounds?