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Your 1994 Nissan altima won't start you took out the plugs and one of them had oil on it do you know what might cause this and is this the reason why it won't start thanks?

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September 24, 2005 1:42AM

My 1885 Altima had a similar problem. Sounds like the valve cover gasket needs replacing. Cost about $85.00 Did it have oil on the insulator (external part, normally white), or on the firing bridge (inside part, below the threads)? If inside, you've got leaking piston rings. Is the car blowing smoke? Won't start, but will the engine turn when you try to start it? You could be looking at a $1000+ repair to replace rings. If one needs it, the other's aren't far behind. How many miles are on the car? you are wrong! $85! THEY cost like 30 bucks, 85 is to much for 11 nuts to remove