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Your 1995 164LS transmission is not shifting out of 1st gear sometimes At the same time the speedometer does not work Ive rebuilt transmission and replaced computer Is there a speed sensor?


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2007-10-31 12:59:56
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Yes there is a speedometer sensor on top of the tranny that feeds the transmission computer and the speedo gauge. See the service manual for details on where it is, I believe on the LS it is acccessible without having to drop the tranny.


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First check the speedometer cable going into the top of the transmission. If it is not broken the instrument cluster must be replaced.

AÊ speedometer cable leak at the transmission usually signifies that you have a worn seal. There are two seals in this area, one or both might need to be replaced.

That is an internal transmission computer failure code. The tcm needs replaced.That is an internal transmission computer failure code. The tcm needs replaced.

No. No more speedo cables, they are replaced by electronics.

Replace your speedometer sensor. I just had mine replaced in my '04 Impala. The sensor tells the tranny when to shift. It's located right in front of the transmission.

Most of the time, the speedometer cable breaks, and you replace it. The best way to find out, is to unscrew it from the transmission, and see if you can pull the cable out from the casing. If it checks out to be good, then it will be the drive gear inside the transmission, or the speedometer itself.

try replacing the output speed sensor on the transmission housing. Just a small part (about $30 at auto parts stores), it screws into the transmission housing and sends a signal to the computer. Without this signal, computer cannot decide what to do with speedometer and cannot shift transmission properly. I replaced one on my daughter's 1999 Plymouth Breeze, with the same engine as the Neon. She had the exact symptoms you do, and it solved them all.

The transmission is controlled by the engine computer. It can be replaced.

The speedometer cable (which runs from the transmission to the dashboard) has snapped. This is a two-piece cable, and the one-piece cable in later Proteges will not work. I had the transmission replaced, and the cable could never be fit in properly. This is a mechanical speedometer, so you would have to change the entire speedometer part of the instrument panel to use a magnetic/electronic speedometer.

Theres a speed control sensor on the transmission which went on my 1992 they replaced it and now its fine.

Had the same problem off and on in my 1999 Taurus. The speedometer needs to be replaced. The problem is in the speedometer and not the transmission like I was initially led to believe. My mechanic said it wasn't that big of a repair.Coincidentally, the vehicle speed sensor feeds information to both the speedometer and the transmission....See "Related Questions" below for more

I've replaced the speedometer Cable on my 87 Supra with manual Tranny and they're in two pieces the short piece which around 14" is underneath beside the transmission and could be replaced individually.

The cable that controls the speedometer needs to be replaced more than likely. That is what had to be done to a Dodge Stealth's speedometer to work properly. ==New Answer == Actually - there is no speedometer/odometer cable on a 1993 Honda. The system is all-electrical. So it has to be either a bad wiring harness/plug connector, OR a bad speedometer head (unlikely).

It means that you vehicle speed sensor on the transmission is bad and needs replaced. The speedometer is controled by the computer even though it is a needle and not digital readout. The odometer however is controled by a cable (engineers sheesh). The sensor is located on the top of the transmission back by the firewall good luck getting in there the manual says to remove the exaust manafold.

A speedometer that loses response time but gets up to the speed of the vehicle probably has a problem with a gear slipping inside the speedometer mechanism. This sometimes happens in older vehicles. The speedometer cable may have to be replaced to fix this problem.

you need to change the speedometer cause if your odometer is counting then speedometer should be working too. make sure your speed gear its working its in the side of the transmission The odometer and speedometer read off of the same signal. If one works, the signal is ok and the other gauge is bad.

check the wiring to the speedometer. Check the sending unit as well. If the problem is internal then the speedometer will have to be replaced.

If the speedometer needle is going crazy and not working properly, it is probably the speedometer mechanism that needs to be replaced. It could also mean the vehicle is having a transmission slippage problem if the needle is bouncing back and forth.

This is very common on the 1996 Ford Escort unfortunately. Basically the speedometer cable has to be re-greased or the speedometer has to be replaced with the older 80mph model. Both "fixes" require disassembly of the dash to get to the cable/speedometer. See the ford escort owners association for more details/instructions.

check your fuse, i had the same problem, put in new transmission, did the same thing, replaced 15 amp fuse to speedometer, worked fine. what an ordeal for just a fuse. will cason

If it's an analog speedometer, first check the condition of the speedometer cable. It may need to be replaced.

Transmission problem. Yes it is related to the speedometer not working. VSS sensor may be bad. Have the transmission computer scanned. I had a flshing s light for a long time, while my spedometer worked fine, the car had trouble starting. I replaced the main relay under the dash and haven't had a prob since. I had the same problem with my 91 accord turned out to be the alternator. The "S" light was malfunctioning along with the speedometer and Tach. While the light stayed on, the tach and speedo where intermittent problems.

Computer have replaced man power?

Needs new speed sensor or if it has a cable to the speedometer it needs to be replaced along with the housing.

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