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Your 1995 thunderbird 4.3 only clicks and drains power when you try to start it?

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βˆ™ 2007-11-23 10:08:07

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u may need your battery charged ask someone to give u a jumpstart

2007-11-23 10:08:07
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My 2002 laguna clicks but won't start?

Jump it, there is not enough power to starter. Ensure alternator and battery are good.

Car clicks and clicks and it's hard to start?

Bad battery, starting motor or both.

How do you remove calipers from a 1987 Ford Thunderbird?

How do you remove calipers from a 1987 thunderbird? Like where do I start?

What is wrong with your car it only clicks a lot when trying to start but does start with a jump?

Your battery is not giving enough power to start the car. It may be battery, alternator, voltage regulator or bad cables.

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1965 Ford Thunderbird starter solenoid replaced new battery removed starter and gear moves and pushes in car clicks when trying to start?

Have the starter tested at your auto parts store. Sounds like a bad solenoid or bad starter.

Starter clicks but won't turn over in 2002 Isuzu rodeo?

Clicking = Dead battery/not enought power to start the car Grinding = Bad starter

What could be wrong with your 96 Integra LS if every time you turn the key to start it clicks then kills all the power in your car but then the power comes back in a few moments?

You need a new battery.

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Find a copy of Schematic for brake lights on 1998 ford Thunderbird?

Ford stopped making the Thunderbird in 1997 and didn't start again until after 2000. So you don't have a 1998 Thunderbird.

Why won't 2000 Mercedes ML430 not start after charging battery power just clicks?

coz its a Mercedes and you need a rolesroice phantom. also just get a new battery

2007 Nissan Altima clicks when trying to start?

dead battery

Can the auxilary make a car not start up or go dead in 03 e 320 benz?

Yes, If you use it for too long. It drains power from the battery without recharging it.

What is wrong if my car just clicks when I try to start it?

It could be a dead battery.

Why wont my truck start it only clicks?

Check your battery, it might be dead.

When trying to start your 1999 dodge intrepid it just clicks?

Battery is dead.

1994 mark VIII won't start just clicks Where do I start?

A good possibility would be a dead battery.

Why won't 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee start?

Commonly CKP sensor or Starter. What does it do when you try to start it? clicks

When trying to start my 1994 dodge van it clicks and won't start when cold?

Could be poor battery connection.

Why a 2000 chrysler sebring wont start but clicks?

Jump start car and ensure battery and alternator are good.

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Why my 2001 jeep grand Cherokee V8 won't start Power comes on headlights bright It clicks once and nothing?

If you still have power after the click then the problem is probably a faulty starter solenoid or relay. If no power after the click, check the battery cables for good connection.