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Your 1996 Toyota Camry makes a knocking noise when you brake?

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March 23, 2012 5:10AM

Knocking brakes, check immediately

If your 1996 Toyota Camry (or any other car) makes a knocking noise when you apply the brakes, you should immediately have it checked buy a competent mechanic since this can be a VERY dangerous condition. Some shops will check the brakes out before repairing at no charge. Ask friends for recommendations on mechanics or call around (yellow pages?) to see which shop(s) will check it at no or little cost.

The Folf's answer: Okay, the brakes are held on the car's chassis (the majority of weight that has momentum on it's side by a few things, on the 96 camry, it's the control arm, strut assembly, and a stabilizer rod, any one can cause the noise when you brake, when you brake your trying to stop a 3000 lb hunk of metal going down the road at 60mph, if your control arm's bushings or stabilizer rod bushing was bad, when you brake there would be so much play that the chassis instead of going up and down for suspension it would wiggle front to back as well, another idea is the brake bolts arent tightened all the way and after that one hard brake you are inevitability going to apply, the bolts will break, one good thing to do is lift the car up and put your hands at the 9 and 3 o clock position and try "shaking down" that said wheel, if you feel play a ball joint of a bushing is bad

you can also just bring it to a shop and get it inspected, they'll gladly check the car if it's a sign that they might get a job that day too