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Possibly yes if the engine temp also shows cool and not at operating range. If engine temp is good then check the air mix door on the heater it may not be closing off the outside air completely.

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How to replace thermostat on 93 Lincoln mark vIII?

This link has detailed instructions and photos http:/

Why is 1993 Lincoln mark VIII overheating?

Bad thermostat?

Will a climate control from a 1995 Lincoln mark vIII work on a 1997 Lincoln mark vIII?


How do you replace a water thermostat in a 1993 Lincoln mark viii?

It is under the power steering reservoir and can be removed by removing two bolts. It has three hoses going to it

How do you change a fuel filter on a 1997 Lincoln mark VIII?

Its inside the passenger side front fender. Remove the plastic cover. Replace as you would any other Lincoln filter.

Who sells a potentiometer for a 1997 Lincoln Mark VIII?

Simple answer to a simple question---- A Lincoln dealer !

Will a 1997 Lincoln mark viii grille fit a 1994 Lincoln mark viii?

Not unless you try to change the whole front end of the car.

How do you fix a broken cup holder in Lincoln mark viii?

You have to replace it.

Is 1997 Lincoln mark viii has a v4 or v6?

All models and years of the Mark Viii are v8's

How do you replace rear air bags on 1995 Lincoln mark VIII?

Go to

Can 1997 Lincoln mark vii driver side fender fit on 1998 Lincoln mark viii?

Yes it will

How do you replace side mirror in a Lincoln Mark VIII?

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Where is the thermostat in your 1993 Lincoln VIII?

The thermostat is located in a housing separate from the engine. It is inline with the lower radiator hose between the radiator and engine on the driver's side.

How difficult is replacing a water thermostat in '93 Lincoln viii?

Not too bad, raise the front of the car up, drain the radiator, have long extensions to reach the journal where the thermostat is and loosen and take off the nuts and separate the journal and remove the thermostat and replace with new one and put back together.

HOW MANY LIters of engine oil for Lincoln 1997?

According to the various models Owner Guides : With engine oil filter change : 1997 Lincoln Continental ( 5.7 liters ) 1997 Lincoln Mark VIII ( 5.7 liters ) 1997 Lincoln Town Car ( 4.7 liters )

1997 Lincoln mark viii transmission?

True, just the line pressure is lower!

Thermostat location 94 Lincoln mark VIII?

Drivers side under the hood look to the right and down from the radiator and you will see a journal, where the hoses meet, in that journal is the thermostat

How do you replace the thermostat in a 1993 Lincoln Mark VIII?

put it up on ramps or jack up the driver's side front wheel. the thermostat is found in a small assembly on the driver's side in front of the motor. it has three to four coolant hoses attached to it and three bolts to take it apart.

Where do I find a diagram for Steering Column on 1997 Lincoln Mark Viii?

If you don't have a shop manual, your nearest Lincoln or Ford parts department.

What is the stock 0-60 for a 1997 Lincoln mark viii LSC?

7 sec. stock

Where is cig lighter on a 1997 Lincoln mark viii?

Below the climate control and back of center console.

Replace the water pump on a 1997 Lincoln Mark VII LSC?

They didn't make 1997 Mark Vii's? Maybe your talking about a mark Viii? To add to this question.... The Mark VII and Mark VIII are equipped with different engines. Mark VII came with Ford 5.0 H.O. V8 and a 2.3l Turbo Diesel in the earlier models. Mark VIII came with the 4.6l V8

Can you replace the hid headlights on a 1996 Lincoln mark viii with some other kind of headlights?

of course

How do you remove the thermostat in a Lincoln mark viii?

Drain the radiator, facing the engine look down on the right side and see the journal with 2 bolts and that is where the thermostat is. With a long extension remove the bolts and take out the thermostat and reverse the order to install.

How do you replace the thermostat housing on a 1993 mark viii?

This is easier than I thought it would be. Took about 20-30 mins. The housing itself is not attached to the block or any stationary object under the hood. It is actually held up and in place by the 4 hoses that attach to it. Remove the hose clamps and the hoses and the thermostat housing will just come out. Scott Fuller 1993 Lincoln Mark VIII owner