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the only way to fiqure that out is to go and get you car scanned, then it will tell you wats wrong

Ensure that the filter is not one that needs oil. Oil will mess up you AMS. However, most of the time the engine light will not come on with an AMS fault. You will normally sense the engine is underperforming way before.

2008-12-23 21:29:31
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Q: Your 1998 VW GTI check engine light is on your running a large intake would replacing the air mass sencer turn that off or would going back to stock be the best option the intake is a eurotuned?
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Why is there noticeable suction into the crankcase when the dipstick is pulled with the engine running after replacing the intake manifold gasket?

It's supposed to do that.

What effect on the running of an engine with a drity air intake?

Decreased performance and fuel mileage.

Where is the fuse for the cruise control on a 2000 dodge durango?

There isn't an individual fuse. It is run by the engine computer. Check the vacuum line running from the intake to the cruise servo.There isn't an individual fuse. It is run by the engine computer. Check the vacuum line running from the intake to the cruise servo.

How many times do the intake valves open per minute in a four stroke engine?

Trick Question! ...depends on the RPM the engine is running at.

What does it mean by your Ford Taurus Mercury Sable engine is running lean?

Could be sucking air into intake.

What is the risk in not replacing a leaking lower intake gasket on a 98 Chevrolet Monte Carlo with the 3100 engine?

A vacuum leak can cause the engine to idle high, but worse than that it can cause one or more cylinders to run lean. That can result in exhaust valves and pistons running at a higher than acceptable temperature and cause premature engine failure.

Air intake sensor?

This is the sensor that is usually built into the Mass Air Flow (MAF), or screws into the airbox. It measures the intake temperature so the engine can adjust different things, such as fuel, so the engine is running at its best.

Is there anything you can do to prevent coolant from leaking into the engine of a 1998 Chevrolet Malibu 3.1 V6 after replacing the intake gasket a year ago?

The intake manifold are very bad about corroding a hole in them which means that you will have to replace it.

How do you steps on replacing intake manifold gasket on a 1998 Chevy venture?

extremely difficult without removing the engine. i have seen some drop the engine down about a foot by disconnecting the motor and transmission mounts & did not disconnect alot of lines and were able to change the intake gasket.

Thermostat on 1994 civic?

the thermostat is on the back of the engine, look lower left of the intake manifold, the heater hose is running into it.

Why would you not be getting vacuum out of the intake on your 1972 Chevelle 350 motor?

Two possibilities: The engine is not running The port is plugged

Where is starter on 1999 Plymouth neon located?

Front of the engine, below the intake.Front of the engine, below the intake.

Where is the starter on a 1988 Plymouth reliant k?

It is on the back of the engine, under the intake.It is on the back of the engine, under the intake.

Should you replace head gaskets during intake gasket repair?

No reason to if the intake gasket is the only problem you have. If engine was running smooth and was not overheated then there is no reason to fool with the HEAD gaskets

Where is the intake air temperature sensor on a 1990 Toyota Camry?

The intake air temperature sensor is located on top of the intake. In a 1990 Toyota Camry the air temp sensor assures the ECU the engine is running at optimal temperature.

The vertical travel distance of a intake or exhaust valve is called the?

The vertical travel distance of a intake or exhaust valve is called the lift. Valve timing and lift is critical for a properly running engine.

You have 1998 Astro van and have an antifreeze leak you have checked and replaced all the belts Where could it be coming from?

If it has the 4.3 ltr engine, the intake manifold is notorious for leaking at the back of the engine where you cannot see it. Try using a mirror at the rear of the intake manifold and look for wetness. Replacing the gaskey is the best fix.

With increasing temperature of intake air IC engine efficiency?

as intake air temperature increases it lead to decreas in i.c engine efficiency. as engine efficiency is ratio of difference in intake and outlet temperature to intake temperature.

What causes engine light to go on Scion Tc running good so far but woried?

check the gas cap or the intake filter...

Will engine click or knock with bad intake manifold gaskets?

No, normally the engine will idle very rough and then run good at full throttle when the intake gasket is leaking. Spray around the edge of the intake with carburetor cleaner, engine running. When you hit the spot with the leak the engine will rev up. A click can be valve train noise caused by a valve that needs adjusting or a sticking lifter. A knock is usually caused by worn bearings.

Your 1998 Chevy Malibu wont stay running it starts an immediately shuts off what could this problem be?

could be wires in ignition system bad or loose, or intake manifold vacuum leaks and in hoses, faulty engine contol system. for vacuum leaks, put oil around intake when running. if there is a leak then oil will suck in to intake.

Where is the starter on srt 4?

It is located on the front of the engine, under the intake manifold.It is located on the front of the engine, under the intake manifold.

Where is the intake air temperature sensor on a 1996 F250?

1st need to know what engine you have,i have 1995 f150 4.9 6 cylinder engine,and will be replacing my iat soon as i get it.mine is on the lower intake manifold towards the front of the i assume yours should be on the manifold somewhere.look along and behind the fuel rails.

Where is the PCV valve on a 6 cylinder 1981 Oldsmobile Omega?

being a 3.8 buick engine it is behind said carb in the intake when replacing it replace rubber grommet as well

Where is the starter located on a 1995 Ford Escort?

Behind engine underneath intake plenum. See other wikianswer on the process of replacing the starter in the 1993 escort (same as 1995).