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Q: Your 1999 Jeep grand Cherokee is having Low coolant signal on during winter and it is not showing if temperature is above 30 degrees. Why?
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Degrees can have 2 menings: Temperature or Angles Temperature: is a way of saying how hot or cold something is. Angles: is a way of showing the angle of two lines

What is the meaning of the red sign on a Chevy Cavalier showing an arrow and liquid level?

coolant temperature is too high indicating a probem such as thermostat, water pump or worse. Also means low coolant. Check it.

What if your temperature gauge is showing too hot over 195 degrees Fahrenheit?

then you better stop and let it cool down

Heater working fine temp gauge showing engine is cold?

Could be a failed engine coolant temperature sensor. Easy enough to replace and not too expensive.

Your check engine light came on and the code was coolant temperature too low but the gauge was showing between 170 and 180 on 2003 trailblazer?

The gauge should be showing a minimum 195 with engine warmed up. I would start with replacing the thermostat.

Where do you I the engine coolant in a 1995 jeep Cherokee limited edition?

There's a plastic overflow tank in the engine compartment that you use to check the coolant level (add and full marks on the tank), and to add additional antifreeze if its low. It typically has a big black lid on the top and is marked showing that its coolant. You can open this with the engine hot to add not remove the radiator cap while the engine is hot. Do not mistake the coolant tank with the windshield washer fluid tank. Both are clearly marked.

Why would steam rise from the hood of a 1997 neon with a cool temperature gauge?

Have you had the coolant temp sensor checked? It might be that the engine is running hot but the sensor isn't showing the temp is hot.

Coolant temp on VW Polo is showing as being low?

Eather temp senser or thermostat.

Do you have a picture showing where the coolant sensor is located ona2001 cadillac deville?

No. WikiAnswers does not support pictures or diagrams.

In a graph showing temperature change of a material over time temperature change is the?

dependent variable

In a graph showing how the temperature of material changes over time temperature change is the?

Independent Variable

In a graph showing temperature change of a material over time temperature change is the .?

dependent variable

Where can you find pictures showing how to replace a 1995 Jeep Cherokee heater core?

The Haynes Jeep Cherokee 1984 - 1996 book has 7 different diagrams which show how to do that repair.

Why would a 93 Toyota Camry start up fine and run fine until it heats up and then die when the temperature gage isn't showing that the cars overheating?

overheating isn't necessarily the reason the car is stalling. on a 93 there are generally 2 things to check when you have the problem you describe. the ignition coil, and the coolant temp. sensor. after the car dies, remove a spark plug wire, install a spark tester and see if it sparks. if it doesnt you may need a coil. a scan tool is necessary to check the coolant temp sensor(not related to the guage on your dash by the way). just hook the tool to the car, have coolant temp spec showing on the data list while you drive. when the car is fully warm it should read about 190 degrees F. have someone drive the car while watching that parameter. if it drops to anything below 50 degrees F while driving after the car is fully warm, it will probably stall. meaning you need a new coolant temp sensor

Can the thermostat be bad if the heater doesn't work?

If you are not getting heated air blowing from the heater core and your engine coolant temperature gauge is showing LOW or below normal , ( then YES , IT'S POSSIBLE that your engine cooling thermostat is sticking open )

Where do the lines showing latitude begin and end?

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What does it mean when 'coolant level' is showing on the display on vauxhall astra?

Either the coolant level is low and needs topping up, or more likely that the sensor is faulty. Experience shows that for ever 10 cars with that showing 9 have a fault with the sensor. Check the level anyway!

What is an isotherm map?

An isotherm is a line showing equal temperature.

What does it mean when the coolant in overflow tank is boiling?

Engine is overheating. it could also just be that your radiator cap is bad and allowing the pressure to release too soon. Keep an eye on your temperature gage, if is showing hot or over heated then check coolant level and possibly water pump problem or head gasket, if not overly hot then suspect the radiator cap.

Where can you get a picture diagram showing how to put on a serpentine belt?

picturediagram of how to install 89 Cherokee serpentine belt

Temperature gauge showing car running hot but when you start driving gauge goes down to normal i already changed coolant temp sensor and had engine thermostat checked?

When you start moving you increase the air flow through the radiator and increase the amount of coolant being pumped by the water pump. Therefore the temperature goes down. You're going to need to figure out why the temp. goes up when stopped. Could be low coolant. Could be partially plugged radiator. Could be bad electric fan clutch. Could be many things.

How can you convert 40 degrees celsius to 40 degrees Fahrenheit?

Conversion indicates showing the same temperature on a different scale.Here, 40 °C is equal to 104 °F, and 40 °F is equal to about 4.44 °C ,so the temperatures are not the same.(see the related question)

How do you you add coolant to a 1994 Chevy Lumina?

Generally via. the coolant reservoir holding tank in the engine compartment. Just look for the white plastic tank with the lid showing radiator info.

A bird that regulates its body temperature is displaying an example of?

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What to do with the sign showing fan in ford fairmont?

It refers to the level sensor in the header tank. Ie, your coolant level is low.