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It's probably a problem with the differential. In 4wd you're putting pressure on the gears that isn't there in 2wd.

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Q: Your 1999 jimmy makes a whining noise when in 2 wheel drive but stops making the noise in 4 wheel drive and have also noticed some leakage under car?
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Which two components in a system might give out a whining sound?

Two components in a PC that might make a whining sound are power supply and disk drive. Noise from a power supply usually means it is time to replace the power supply, however, it might just mean that the fan is dirty and the dust needs to be blown out with some compressed air. If your hard drive is making any unusual noises it is time to make an immediate backup of your data and replace the drive.

What could cause the transmission on a 1999 Dodge Grand Caravan to make a shuddering sound while the engine is idling but it stops when accelerating?

This vehicle is notorious for a "whining" noise. The slower you drive, the louder it is. At first I thought our power-steering pump was going, or the transmission was whining. Two mechanics told me it's normal. Just a quirk with Dodge/Chrysler products. I had that whining noise and it was the alternator making the noise through the radio. even when the radio is off. Just a thought.

Your 2003 Saturn Ion 3 is making a whining noise when you drive?

sort of like a humming? wheel bearings dude! if it starts humming at about 30mph and just gets louder faster you go, its the wheel bearings. and get used to it, i have blown 4 on my ion 3

What would cause a car to crank then make a whining sound before starting?

Your girlfriend in the passenger seat after she realizes you drive a Toyota Tercel.

What two components in a system might give a loud whining noise?

Most likely the noise is made by the power supply or a failing hard drive.

When do you need to replace a head gasket?

When it was damaged. If you don't have coolant leakage, but the level collant drops down it means you have internal leakage of coolant. You must replace the head gasket of course if want to drive your car. van over heats

What causes howling noise while accelerating in a ford ranger 1999 four wheel drive?

What kind of howling? Or is it a whining? Where does it sound like it's coming from.

Is it still safe to drive your car if your left driver side wheel makes a loud whining sound when driving forward?

Sure, it's safe to drive it to the closest tire repair shop that doesn't require you to get on the highway.

How long can you drive a vehicle when the rear end is making sound?

To the end of your drive.

Stepping on the gas pedal to accelerate causes a whining noise in the rear of the vehicle. what is wrong?

If it is a rear wheel drive vehicle it is either low oil in the rear end or an axle bearing. On a front wheel drive vehicle it is probably a bearing.

What is the whining sound on your 98 Tahoe it sounds like it is trying to go into 4 wheel drive but it does not make the sound all the time?

Rear pinion gear, that's what mine was.

Whining noise when excelerating grand prix gtp?

This car is equipped with a Supercharger. All superchargers whine. This is normal and is inherently something you live with when you drive a car equipped with a supercharger.

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